According to my mentor, he'll say readers are leaders _ Eric worre (it takes a man with more wisdom upstairs to lead and pilot his fellow men, if you know)


The king's Library

It's so awesome how one can be easily transformed by the jotted down knowledge of someone else, books can make men it can build you beyond your wildest imaginations, and it can give you outstanding confidence and performance at any given stage or opportunity present to you. To be honest i wasn't a fan of reading from the onset, from my primary, secondary and even higher institution i saw reading as one load of work to be done. It continued this way until around 2020 when i came in contact with Network Marketing. I registered with a very nice company that really took personal development personal, i mean really personal, they just want to see you grow to higher knowledge in all you do


First mind transforming book

The first book i was given to should be around 280 pages ☝️ or more and you can imagine giving someone who doesn't fancy reading that much to digest. Well i first felt reluctant and i left it for a while until lock down came, i was home bored and exhausted from doing nothing so i decided to pick it up. It was like magic how i got glued, i found myself scrolling from pages to pages without even feeling like it's a big deal anymore i mean, this book redesigned my thinking and focus. Like, i thought and saw things differently especially my silly behaviors, and after 2 years ago of reading this book it still talks to me till date

Like the knowledge alone i grabbed is like the author's knowledge of about 10-20 years of work put together. My dear picking that book alone to read was an eye opener i read things that I've never heard any man mention to me before, i saw people's world from another view i was like what is here??? Truly i was stunned, if you need the truth to be told, those who do not read are actually like blind men mopping around. It's not like an insult, but a word to ponder more on


I'll first of all compliment technology for it's awesome advancement and ease of stress in almost everything around us. But in the aspect of book and it's knowledge I'll prefer to get my reading experience from Paper books
It may sound awkward how I'll still choose the old traditional way of reading over the modernized option available at hand. Well i can't dispute the fact that reading from an eBook is more flexible, less load and even cheaper to get unlike paper books


My bag of knowledge

But with everything that has advantages, there are also disadvantages


  • Easily distractible - if you've tried using your phone to achieve a particular task you can tell for sure how distracting some notifications can be. Comes with a little temptation to just check and quickly come back but before you know it you drift away a little and time has been spent

  • Tiny text reading - though some features/readers comes with zoomable formats to give a better display for those who find it difficult to read tiny texts, but the stress of zooming, scrolling and the rest tends to bring more distress than planned

  • Catching track easily for later - like the case of indicating read point, it can be easier with paper books

In all, I'm not trying to say paper books are just top notch without flaws. Please get me right, there are allot of downsides to it like

  • Worning out - unlike the ebooks that can stay years, decades and century without fading or worning out

  • Rodents attacks - These master piece can be eaten too

  • Children torning it - it's part of what children do while growing up so it can be a flaw to having paper books



My library foundation

I for one just love the feeling it gives to have a Library and owning live books instead of virtual, so i may be quite different from allot of people. And till date it's still in my bucket list to have a Library, a very sound super packed one because nothing pays like knowledge


Library's smallest but oldest book (2014)

This will be all for now, all written above are a couple of my choice and it doesn't dispute the likes of preference of others... Till we meet again please stay safe @khingstan Cares 🤴✌️



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