Why NOW is the Best Time to Build! | Making Millions in the Next Bull Market

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Crypto is not the only market in a bear market. We're seeing a global recession taking center stage. This means a lot of different things for us - being that we're at the forefront of technology and finance by being in the crypto industry.

I am fascinated by this intersection of tech and finance. As the global markets fall into a deep recession, we're still building. This is an important time to build your portfolio and your project.

With LeoFinacne, we've grown our team. We've found amazing opportunities with this bear market and we are fully ready to leverage them to further our technology for the next decade.

You might have heard, but we're rebuilding the entire LeoFinance UI. This means bringing about a new generation of using LeoFinance. A better LeoFinance. One that is focused on content creation and consumption. Microblogging will take a front row seat and our new UI will usher in a completely new era of LeoFinance.

In this clip:

  • The crypto market is following the global market, these are recession times.
  • This is not a crypto bear market but a bear market in general.
  • Looking at a token it’s not good to see price action compared to the bull times.
  • Separating assets by levels of risk. Risk on assets are being hurt because of the flee to safe markets due to fear.
  • The more risky the asset, the lower it is right now.
  • Leo is a high risk asset with a lot of potential and growth.
  • Legging out to other projects other than btc this risk theory is proven.
  • In the end the projects and tech companies, those who figure out how to learn and continue building through the bears will thrive when the economy recovers.

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This is the best time to build our portfolio because it will be very difficult to that in the bull market. Keep doing the good Leo finance team

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