My thoughts: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Trial


I have been following the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial closely. I do not sit and watch the live telecast at all times, but I sometimes like to take a listen. No offense to anybody involved in the trial, but this has turned out to be very entertaining. Yes, the accounts and narrations of abuse is painful but when I say entertaining, I refer to the comments and actions of witnesses and the memes that are doing rounds.

3 of my favorite lines from the trial are:

My dog stepped on a bee – Amber Heard

objecting to the very question he asked

Uh, objection, hearsay - Adam Nadelhaft

Wait, you asked the question - Judge Penney Azcarate

This one is just a bonus.


Have I taken sides already? Maybe. You may have decided who the victim maybe already as well. But whichever one of the sides we have taken, at the end of this trial, one of them is going to be infamous for their actions. Right? How would they deal with the aftermath? I wonder how? You not only have to deal with the truth that you believe in but also the media, the general consensus of the people and their opinions. It’s going to be plain hard.

Life will continue for both the parties involved, but it sure will be different depending on which side of the verdict you are.

Both parties have been abusive in this relationship. Probably one more than the other or even just the same. The verdict on this one is going to be interesting to watch.

“I condone violence and abuse: be it a street scuffle, use of violence against countries to sort any issues, abuse in any sorts of partnership, bully culture in workplaces and more so within the education facilities, bulling on the internet, and such. Basically, my point is that I dislike violence and abuse in any form it takes and within any institution it may occur”.


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The quotes used are not mine, and is not intended to hurt anyone, but just quotes that made me smile. 😊