My morning - Life of a dreamer - Poetry


There are days sometimes when I don't really want to do much. And on days like these, I try to humor my state of being and come up with something fun. I try not to get into the rut and move on with my day.

Here is something I wrote, hope you enjoy reading this.

Today I feel like
doing nothing,
so, I thought i'd
just sit down and write.
There are many chores
I need to be doing,
but instead, I stare
into the sky.

The plants they
need a watering.
The compost
needs a turning.
the floor needs
a sweep and mopping,
but instead, I enjoy
the life passing me by.

The laundry bin is
the kitchen counter is
a mess,
the dishes are piled
a mountain high,
but instead, I dream,
I let myself fly.

I feel my stomach
rumbling, I think I am hungry now.
I know I should be at my
desk getting work done
but crazy as it may sound
I still stare, I dream, I enjoy my being,
for just another minute more.
And now as I smile and get to my chores.



This photo was taken when I was traveling. I miss the blue skies and the clouds.

Thank you for reading.

This has been written by me.

All Photos are my own and have been photographed by me


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