Life On Two Wheels Series #25 | #Monomad Challenge

Hello there Black and White community, I hope everyone is doing well. And for today's content, I will be sharing another photo series of mine Life On Two Wheels it has been a while since I last posted this photo series. For those who haven't followed my photo series, it's all about a two-wheeled vehicle that I took a picture of, while in its fast-paced motion, I capture the subject in great focus while having a dramatic blurry background. As a motorbike enthusiast, I'm fond of taking photos of fast-paced moving subjects, not just motorbikes but any fast-moving subject that is captured in great focus with a blurry background it so happens that a motorbike is a good example of it.

Allow me to share some of my snaps, check out the below photos, at the same time these photos will be my entry for the #monomad challenge a daily photo contest authored by @monochromes.


What I like about this kind of photography is that it doesn't necessarily need a good background what matters most is the subject. In fact, a more blurry background is far better so that the subject will even stand out in the frame.



As you notice all of the wheels seem doesn't have any spoke at all and the tires seem to look very smooth. As a photographer, it's one of my indicators that the subject is in great focus. With proper camera settings and good technique in capturing quick-moving subjects definitely you'll get a photo of it.




Above photos were captured by yours truly at Alcoy, Cebu, PH, using a Nikon D5600 with an 18-140mm Nikkor lens.