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Hello Nature Lovers

We've now come to week eleven of publishing a summary of the 5 featured posts of the community. Of course this is still very new, but we feel very proud to see the growth of the Nature Lovers community, more or less have now reached 177 subscribers who joined this community, in a relatively new time. That means there are many Hive users who are interested in this community, because in our opinion, everyone will always be connected to nature at all times, so it's very easy to make articles related to nature.

We also say welcome and welcome to the Community for those of you who have just joined here with us. It's great to see all of you nature lovers involved here and sharing many things about nature.

There is a lot of new knowledge that can be obtained from your articles. Incredible insects, beautiful flowers, green scenery that spoils the eye, it's beautiful and certainly brings us all deeper to know more about nature.

There are always interesting things every week that you can follow and it would be a shame if you miss them. Therefore, with pleasure, today we're publishing a roundup of the top 5 featured posts again.

We really appreciate all of you who are always willing to publish your articles in this community, and for those of you who are new to joining, we also hope to see at least three of your posts a week here, your involvement in the community will help grow the community significantly, we believe you all want to see the Nature Lovers community grow, because you are Nature Lovers.

We also acknowledge that some of the other authors that we don't feature in this summary, have quality posts and are also closer to the topic of the community.

We have a high passion to bring this community to a higher level, of course with the support of all of you Nature Lovers. Therefore, we need to encourage writers to always follow the rules published by the Community, so that we and all of you can take this community to a higher level. Grow and thrive.

Here are 5 of week's featured posts that we've rounded up,In no particular order. Please check and provide more support for them.



Posted by @borjan


Euphorbia milii

Posted by @ekachiyuni


The sticky Plant!

Posted by @dishant018


Ecological day🚩🌲 / Jornada ecologica👨‍🏫🌏🧤

Posted by @oscurity


Outdoors: the best scenario for exercise / Aire libre: el mejor escenario para ejercitarse

PPosted by @sofathana

Thank You

Greetings Nature Lovers

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Happy New Year! 🎉 Thanks so much for the mention 😃


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Some great selection posts. Congratulations to all of you, greetings