How "Fatigue" Kicks In To Resolve Endless Splinterland Game Scenarios


Towards the end of this Splinterlands battle between my Earth Splinter array (with Mylor Crowling as summoner) and my opponent's Water Splinter, the monsters were locked in an endless cycle of hitting and restoring armour and health.

Here's a video of how the battle played out:

Also available on Odysee:

Here is how the two forces were laid out at the beginning:

A Careless Set-up

I had intended to place Regal Peryton at the back as his speed, health, and poison attack, make him an excellent rearguard should my opponent deploy any sneak attack monsters.

Also, I wanted my Goblin Thief sniper (this game was part of a snipe quest) to be in front of Goblin Psychic to keep that card healing the front monster for as long as possible.

So that was a bit careless.

Evenly Matched

Even so, the two sides seemed evenly matched, especially as my summoner, Mylor Crowling, gives all the monsters the "thorns" ability so even weak cards have an opportunity to strike back when struck in a melee.

When it came down to the last four cards, the game went on for several rounds and it looked like it had become locked in an endless loop...

... like the game was locked in an endless loop...

It looked like the game was locked in an endless loop...

... and endless loop...

... It looked like...

Fatigue Kicks In

But then the monsters began to get "fatigued" and dropped out of the battle in quick succession until only my trusty rearguard, Regal Peryton, fatigued but still flying, remained in the field...

So that is what I learned from this long battle: that in cases where the restorative abilities of one card cancel out the offensive strength of attacking cards in their efforts to destroy a card with no attacking potential, fatigue will eventually kick in to resolve the contest.

The Monsters In The Stand-off

In this case the stand-off consisted of these cards:

Earth (attacking)

  • Unicorn Mustang
  • Regal Peryton

Water (defending)

  • Merdaali Guardian
  • Scavo Hireling

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