The Warmth Returns to the Homestead



It felt so good today to go out to the chicken coop today and tilt my head up into the suns rays. That warmth after such a brutally cold winter so far feels amazing! There's just something about catching some rays that makes you feel alive.

Chickens definitely were my wisest investment of 2022, have you seen the egg prices lately?

I always suggest to buy from local farmers and someone showed me the local farmers in their area were charging $12 a dozen, and I’ve been over here giving eggs away for free, haha. Chickens put a whole new perspective of growing wealth under your feet. They are also a good reminder to stop looking to the future and telling yourself “one day, I will be happy.” That day can be now, you just need to make it now. Whenever I get caught up in the whirlwind of life and start thinking that way about the future, I ask myself: “how can I ever expect to receive more, if I’m not grateful for what I have?” I find happiness when I take time to be grateful for the things I have.

My chickens teach me to be grateful.
They are funny, have little personalities, and they run the homestead. Comment and tell me what you are grateful for!

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Very cute face

Heres an upvote worth a fraction of a hive or 3 cents and i guess since i can give like 10 of those 3 cent upvotes out a day you could get close to 1 hive

Would be nice to have enough hivepower to give out 1 HIVE upvotes especially for homesteads

Honestly if u go oit and comment on every other hive user who has a farm or plants or homestead chickens etc you cam get reblogged by them and upvoted and get into the cycle

Just start leaving a LOT of sincere cpmments woth images to show off your own stufr and then your new account wull start growing fast

Youll get that one post with that 20 to 30 dollar upvote and realize this is a great way to make money off growing yoir own food and posting about it

The real value is that hive has a database of people who grow their own food AND a way fir them to advertise inventory... AND most importantky recieve PAYNENT in both our own currency and HBD a dollar peg which makes it even easier for merchents

We have our own little future decentralized farmers market here

Imagine you and ither homesteaders participate in a "game" where your real life farm images get you access to nfts and tokens that prove the value ot your farm to allow people to invest in a standarduzed hive engine token you and eveey other farmer can easily create with hive engine through some third account controlling token supply and distrubution so you have a standardized market with all the farmers on hive and you can as a hive user invest in any farm you see with cast un tappee potential so that using hige tokens we all getnhere for free we could FINANCE un used farm land and untaped farm potential and help PAY for these homesteaders to expand to a new crop or livestock and then after harvest these investirs get a portion of the food packaged and mailed to them or if its sole for hive or dollars that goes back to buying the hive engine token that investors bought originally to finance sne expane the farm

So we would have a network of local farms and growers who use hive to finance their farms and even someone who gives a large $100 upvote can credited to recieve like $150 worth of food at a bulk deal

We could leverage the power of our blockchain with local food growers and distributors and even delivery drivers all paid in hive/hbd and he tokens


I remember living up north and when it finally got to 40F outside you'd roll your windows down while driving it felt like a heatwave after a cold winter lol Looks like the chickens are doing good!


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