Prepping For A Cold Snap On The Homestead


The last few days I've been preparing the outdoor animals for the cold snap that is just starting to hit the Gubba Homestead right now. I promise to have pictures of it and a story of the troubles that came with it.

Looking at these pictures I miss the warm summers and the chickens out in the range doing their thing. Now it’s brutally cold and I have to check to make sure the coop door isn’t iced over even though I don’t think they will go out lol

The homestead has been such a joy but I’m going to be honest with you. I’m so over winter already and hoping for those fresh warm spring days to come quickly.

A lot of other prep work has gone into the homestead over the last few days to ensure I have firewood and the animals are all safe including the dogs who live outside. I've read up and with their undercoat they should be perfectly fine in -50 degrees fahrenheit. They are cold climate working dogs so this makes sense but I still feel bad! I constructed a makeshift door on their houses to try and trap in some heat for them.

The chickens have been doing great and somehow they are still producing a few eggs each day which took me by surprise. I had expected them to completely stop in the winter.

Stay warm friends!

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