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Is it too late to talk about my last Saturday and Sunday, because it's already Saturday? Late Saturday, here in northern terretory of Germany 😜
Let me know master, @galenkp.


A good and old friend organised a party, together with several other friends last Saturday. They called the gathering detention. I don't know why. Maybe because it was the same weekend of enrolment. Maybe because it was like a class reunion.
Friends of friends gathered friends who invited more friends. Some of those friends turned an already amazing venue to a fantastic paradise. I felt like being on a festival area. Some amongst the friend's connection are musicians from the techno and house scene and did a great performance. I'm not from this scene but I know what's good music, therefore, I have open ears to any scene and genre. You can be always surprised when a musician is in a flow and creates magic with their music mana. One example on our party meeting was the combination of a dj and violinist.
I didn't record one second of the played music. And besides my immersion into the music, I met friends and peeps I haven't seen for ages. Some were planned, others were touching surprises. Many reasons for me to forget about taking more evidence of that stunning party, music and the community.
It was also touching to see how others celebrate a reunion.
A total success for the organisers. Thank you Fabi πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ

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Now, let the few photos talk with a little interpretation of mine. But please, be invited to give me your interpretation as well if you feel like.


Psychedelic shrooms and planets.



Dancing jellyfish.


The Terminator is watching you!



But look close.


He only wants to protect the shroomy lamp.


Another cyborg. Does anybody knows that one?


Sirens tempted men, and some women, to have a little bath.


Moai monoliths were watching too.


Last butt not least, the demon which serves you as a chair.


And these photos are all I have before I got lost into the party. It was good and a great adventure to hunt the white rabbit.
It's been a few moons since I went to sleep well past sunrise next day. And it was good.

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