Fundacoven: Project update


Project Update: Fundacoven.

Every day we seek to advance more in order to create a space conducive to meet all the needs of our people. A project that was born from a small idea and little by little we have been able to achieve important changes for the communities as well as provide a meeting space in which various digital and local communities have given their grain of sand to make all this possible.

Today, we want to share with you an update on who we are, what we want and what we have achieved throughout this last year and a half.

About us:

First of all, it is important to remember who we are in order to understand what this foundation is all about.

The Corazón de Venezuela Foundation was born as a space in charge of attending specific cases of humanitarian aid to popular sectors of low income or individuals in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela located in the state of Miranda, allowing us to provide them with help in order to cushion a little their socioeconomic situation due to the serious humanitarian crisis that the country is going through.

  • Mission: We are an independent organization that through crypto financing and national and international cooperation seeks to work to support food and medical support to people in Venezuela that due to the economic, political and social crisis are living high risk situations in nutritional, medical or basic supplies to survive. Through this project we seek to create ties with civil society and companies at a national level to allow us to help the most vulnerable sectors of our community. Our work policy seeks to improve the quality of life of as many families as possible, consolidating ourselves as a serious, transparent and solid organization, in order to cover the cases that may arise and support them responsibly.

  • Vision: To be recognized as an organization in charge of transparently administering the resources that may enter our foundation, capable of interacting and executing the necessary actions for the benefit of social aid projects in the state of Miranda in the face of the serious humanitarian crisis that we are going through.

  • Values: Respect, transparency, Humility, Empathy.


Summary of Projects 2021:

Throughout the last year we managed to consolidate ourselves as one of the main foundations in the Valles del Tuy axis, where we were able to attend only the year 2021 to 765 children from 18 different sectors within the Cristóbal Rojas municipality of Miranda state.

We also delivered 770 medicines to senior citizens and people in need to a total of 185 people, most of them with treatments marked as essential by the WHO.

This thanks to the essential support of HIVE and our last proposal made on the platform (For more information see our Annual Report 2021:

Projects 2022:

Now, our 2022 is framed to create meeting spaces for learning, while continuing our medical/nutritional work in the communities.


  • Odin Project: The Odin project is a project designed to enable learning in areas of programming for children between ten and seventeen years old. It was created thanks to the contribution of the TELOS Blockchain. More information:


  • INCES specialized courses: we have been making links with INCES, which is a state institution that provides courses to adults and young people to enable them to learn a trade, giving them the tools to gain access to the labor market. This project will be carried out in our headquarters making use of the different tools we have and instructors provided by this institution.


(Reference image)

Project of creation of the dining room "meals for smiles", for underweight children located in Charallave, Miranda State, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: We are currently developing a project that will allow us to focus the work of food/nutritional support in a physical headquarters, in this way we have a project for the future development of this headquarters and allow us to serve the communities in a more fluid way (If you want to know the project please contact us).

Droplets of Love: our medical support program is still in force, in this way we have several medicines acquired through the various donations we receive. These are available to anyone who requires it completely free of charge.

New contributions:


Telos: the TELOS blockchain platform has supported us with the acquisition of computerized equipment destined to the implementation of the ODIN project as well as future education projects. This is thanks to the effort and support of each of its members who believe in our project.


Microsoft: the technology giant has also joined our cause thanks to the Microsoft for nonprofits program which seeks to provide digital tools to nonprofit institutions. For us this support has been very important because we are carrying out activities aimed at the use of digital equipment, as well as courses and educational projects that we have.


Tax Exoneration: The SENIAT institution in charge of national taxes has given us the tax exoneration according to the current legislation in Venezuela for foundations and non-profit institutions.

How can I contribute?

You can support our foundation in different ways:

  • Paypal account: Sending a direct donation through

  • Cryptocurrencies: using your HIVE account.

  • International shipping: If you are in the USA you can contact us to send your donations through the couriers we have available. We accept donations of any type, giving priority to medicines and medical supplies, maternal formulas, and personal hygiene items.

  • Creating a collection of supplies in your community and sending it to Venezuela.


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