Saturday Savers Club! Week #4 March 26, 2022 _Hive Power goal met and exceeded.


Welcome back to another edition of the Saturday Savers club. Today I am happy to report substantial progress towards my end goal of:

5000 Hive Power, 200,000 SPS, 50 EDSM staked, 100 EDS, and 300 SPI.

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  • Accumulation needed to achieve goal Based on estimate of 30 days/month, 40 weeks for 10 months for 2022:

Hive Power--357.8 per month, 89.45 per week, 11.92 per day
SPS--------6,494.5 per month, 1623.625 per week, 216.48 per day
EDSM------- 4.4 per month, 1.1 per week, 0.147 per day
EDS----- 9.877 per month, 2.469 per week, 0.329 per day
SPI----- 24.717 per month, 6.179 per week, 0.8239 per day

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- As of right now I have reached 7969 Hive Power so I have met an exceeded my goal for the year! I might end up increasing this goal we will see.

- I've gained a total of 5422 Hive Power this week. I did a lot of swaps with my splinterlands assets and one of the net results was deciding to use some of the hive to power up.

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  • This week I gained a total of 34231 staked SPS. This was also a result of the splinterlands asset swap completed. I now stand 22,000 Staked SPS away from my 2022 goals.

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eds 3.26.png

  • This week I sold some EDS at 1.09 hive and placed an order to buy at 0.85 and lower prices. In addition I added 33 Staked EDSM miners, effectively doubling my miner count from last week and taking my beyond my annual goal.

  • In terms of SPI I have not been able to acquire any in the open market since I sold the ones I had so I will keep an eye out for opportunities.

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  • Make savings a regular habit. Start small, but Start Today! The earlier you start, the more time you have for your money to compound and the less you have to put in. Best wishes everyone!

  • See you for the next update on my savings progress next Saturday!

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