Jasmine flowers in my home garden.


Jasmine flowers in my home garden.

I am Fariduzzaman. How are you all? I hope you are all well. I always wish everyone well and healthy.

Friends, today I have appeared among you with another post. Today I will share with you some pictures of jasmine flowers in my home garden. I like jasmine flowers very much. The smell of jasmine flowers is very nice. I take care of the jasmine flowering plants in my home garden. The tree I planted a few months ago. Now the tree is very beautiful to look at and many flowers are blooming in this tree. I love to see these flowers. I hope you like it too.


This tree was very small when I bought the seedlings of the jasmine flower tree. Very few flowers bloomed then. Then I would be very happy to see my flowers bloom. It was a lot of fun to plant the tree with my own hands. So I love this tree. The beauty of nature in particular fascinates me with flowers. I always take care of the trees. I like the flowers of the trees very much.


The leaves of the jasmine flower tree are very beautiful to look at. The leaves are slender and light elongated. When the new leaves of a flowering tree sprout, it is very nice to see the new leaves. The leaves are very soft. The leaves are very beautiful green in color. If you touch the leaves, it is understood that the leaves are very delicate in nature. The leaves are as beautiful as a newborn.


It is very beautiful to see the buds of jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers have many buds. The buds are lightly oblong. The heads of the buds are round. Flowers bloom a few days after catching buds. A branch holds many flower buds. My mind danced with joy when I saw the flower buds.


The jasmine flowers are very beautiful to look at. The color of the jasmine flower is pale white. The flowers are small yellow round in the middle. When the beautiful smell of flowers comes, the whole house is fragrant with the smell of flowers. I like the smell of flowers very much. The smell of flowers goes through my nose when the wind blows. I can't forget its fragrance. Its fragrance drives me crazy.


Who sees the joy of bees when jasmine flowers bloom. Bees hover around the jasmine flower all day. They make friends with flowers. They play with flowers all day long. I can see the bee dancing. The play of flowers and bees makes me happy.


I take great care of the jasmine flower plant. I get up every morning to water the trees and water them in the afternoon. When the flower stalks become more, I cut them beautifully. I clean the weeds under the flowering tree with my own hands. When the flowering plant needs fertilizer, I add fertilizer to the soil of the flowering plant. This flower needs adequate amount of sunlight. My tree is located under sunlight. I like to see the tree.


All in all, the leaves of the jasmine flower tree, the buds of the flower tree, the bee play with the fragrant flower tree, make me emotional. I love flowering plants very much. There are many more flowering plants in my garden. I try to take care of all the flowering plants in my own way. In the meantime, I like the jasmine flower tree very much. Jasmine flower is my very favorite flower. The scent of jasmine flowers makes me drunk all the time. I always go to the flower tree to smell the flowers.

Friends, if you like these pictures of jasmine flowers, you must comment. Your comments are very valuable to me. Your comments encourage me to write the next post. Forgive me if there is any mistake in the post. You will all be well, stay healthy, I pray this all the time. Pray for me.

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