My first introduction post



Hello friends,
How is everyone? Hope everybody is doing very well and healthy. I'm fine too.

My name is Fatema Khatun. I am 24 years old. We are two siblings. I am the only darling daughter of my parents. I have an older brother. My older brother is a primary school teacher. So in fact I am not very educated. I am married. So I didn't really study very far. I got married after SSC exam. In fact, due to financial situation, it was not possible to study anymore. In fact, my parents could not afford my brother and my education. I have a daughter. The girl is about seven years old. My daughter and I are always at home. My husband doesn't stay home all the time. He stays out of the house most of the time for work. So my daughter and I both stay at home.


I am a housewife. I have always loved cooking at home and doing various chores. I also love raising chickens, pigeons and cows and goats and I keep them at home. I take care of them and take care of everyone in my family. I take care of everyone in my family. That's how my whole day is spent.


I am doing new work on this blog site. In fact, I have no idea about this site. In fact I first saw this blog site on YouTube and from there I became interested in working here. So I worked here for a while but I didn't have much idea or experience. In fact, I don't know much about it yet. I hope you will support me so I can know and learn a lot. And I will do my best to share some new recipes with you and try to share some stories from time to time. I hope you will support me.

In fact, my hive account used to be called Family Cooking. In fact, I accidentally lost my hive account, meaning family cooking passwords. So I don't know how I actually lost my passwords. For this I have opened another new account. In fact, as a result of losing my account passwords, I am no longer using that account. I don't know how I lost my passwords. But I should have kept the passwords very carefully but I couldn't. That's why I feel so bad. So for this I have opened another new account and from now on I will work here inshallah. I hope you will support me in the same way as before. And I will try my best to keep the passwords very carefully so that they are not lost. So I hope you will support me in this way.

So here I did not say anything about my identity. In fact, in @familycooking I have already said everything about my identity, so now I have said very little. So those of you who used to support me in family cooking, I hope you will support me in this account in the same way.

Due to a big mistake I lost all my money and also lost in my account a password I did not save anywhere for which I wasted my time working there and all the money I earned during these two months was lost. I am trying again in this new account and this time of course all my passwords are backed up so that there will be no more mistakes in the future.

In fact, I did not understand the new one for which I had to face such a loss. I hope you will be by my side anyway and I hope you will like my posts, then everyone will be fine and healthy.

I am saying goodbye here like today by thanking everyone so much. Stay well and stay healthy. See you in the next post.

Hello my all hivens friend's,

welcome to my profile,I am Fatema,I like this social decentralized platform,and most of I like cooking,,,I hope you can get some new ideas visiting my cooking blog



Ola @familicooking1, Welcome to Hive!

Excellent introduction.

Here you will find a very healthy network.
Where you have freedom of speech and receive a lot of support for your effortin creating content.
I hope to see you flying through the communities and staying forever in Hive!
Nice to meet you!

Boelter hugs straight from Brasil!

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