Evening street photography. Part 5

Last year I was just starting to try myself in night street photography. Today I no longer pay attention to the weather conditions, to the time of day - I just capture what I see.

This series of images is a continuation of the blue hour walk.

It's just that when street lighting is turned on in the city, it immediately gets darker and twilight flows into the night.

That is, when the lights are turned on, for me there comes such a thing as night photography.

And everything around is changing!

Color, mood appears, the atmosphere becomes more pleasant.

Lately I have not written anything on philosophical and metaphysical topics.

Thoughts and information still flow into my head, but I decided to rest for now and just consciously live a little.

I kind of always accepted the observer's position in life. And now I decided to observe myself, to listen to my body and soul.

I wanted my life, that daily routine, to try to feel and identify pleasant elements from it.

This is how I embellish my everyday life with the help of photography, and I wanted to fall in love with the routine.

How can you visit the same places every day and always find different subjects there?

To do this, you need to love space and be able to see the distinctive features in it, be able to take the factor out of the bracket, and be able to bring it to a common denominator.

You can only collect a series of interesting stories around one Christmas tree every day.

And you can move around the city in all its points and collect, collect, collect.

Then sift from the collected, and collect again. This is how a useful archive is accumulated.

For example, if I take one of the best photos from each post, I can already make a book based on them.

Photography is a constant selection.

But you always have to dig something, so that there is something to select from!


Wows so beautiful! specially the trees with lights.


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