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What I like about Peakd is that it provides some very good features like what we are getting on HiveEngine.

If in any case HiveEngine is not working for your or you can't login at HiveEngine at some point I would recommend to go to to do things that you could do on HiveEngine.

On Peakd one can check his HiveEngine tokens and can also Stake/ Unstake, Delegate/ Undelegate etc which of course is a good thing to have it on an alternate platform like HiveEngine.

I don't have any idea about any other platform that can provide the same services but I have used Peakd so far and am satisfied with it.

I came across this feature of Peakd when I tried to login on HiveEngine but couldn't sign in with my Active Key since it asks for Private posting key or Master password.


I don't remember the person who told me about Peakd to use it for the same purpose but I am much thankful to him/ her about this and now I wanted to share this with other users on Hive as well if they can benefit from it.

Again I want to remind you that you can use alternate to HiveEngine if for some reason you can't login on HiveEngine.


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