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Hello, friends!

If you think about it, nature is pretty amazing. It's responsible for some of the most beautiful things in the world, like sunsets and rainbows. It also created some of the most delicious things, like strawberries and chocolate. Not to mention, it's responsible for some of the most awe-inspiring things, like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

There are many ways to experience nature - from hiking and camping, to documenting it with a camera.

We believe that there's something about exploring nature with a camera that helps us find its subtle wonder. Maybe it's the process of carefully framing a shot that makes us really notice the delicate details of a flower. Or maybe it's the challenge of trying to capture the impossible beauty of a sunset that makes us appreciate the simple magnificence of a tree. Whatever the reason, we think everyone should explore nature with a camera at least once in their life!

If you are like today's community highlight, you will be exploring nature daily and finding its hidden wonders often. Read on to discover who they are!

Nature, it's pretty darn cool!

We like to believe that D.Buzz is more than just a Dapp - it's a community. It is a community of people with a passion for crypto, censorship-resistant content, engagement, and spreading their message.

We see you, and we love you all.

To give back and express our thanks, we highlight someone every Thursday from our community in a post across social media. They will be listed as a 50% beneficiary in the post as a way to say thanks!

Today, we would like to celebrate @golden.future!


We are part of nature, so let's appreciate it! We can appreciate nature by simply spending time outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. We can also take care of nature by recycling and doing our part to reduce pollution. Today, we are talking about @golden.future which is all about nature.

@golden.future joined Hive in May 2019, and since that time has been honoring nature, engaging in the community, and overall being a cool person. We like that!

The majority of @golden.future's posts are about nature. Not that little nature you find in your backyard, no, but that BIG nature you find in the forests of Myanmar. The dense woods, the monkeys and ants of the jungle. They venture out and find the time to document and honor nature by means of the camera. Today, we wanted to say thank you to @golden.future and list them as our community highlight of the week. :)

Dear reader, if you don't know this cool person, we suggest you follow the link to their profile, then follow them. We think you will not be disappointed. @golden.future, we see you and your posts, and are so so so happy you are here. Please keep exploring our world, documenting it for all to see, and keep the positive energy flowing.

Thank you all, and see you soon!

--- The D.Buzz

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@golden.future dBuzz is one of the people I follow the most. I think you share really good photos. Good quality landscape and nature photos.