Photo contest

###helo friends
This is my entry for proofofbrain photo contest.
##I wanna share my statue photo with u

what do we see-As you see two statues is a woman who spinning wheels.This is so attractive and other is a Punjabi man statue who wear dhoti kurta .These photos are so attractive and made from cement...
Where did u take it?-I took this picture from outside the Punjabi hotel .when I went to the Amritsar,There is a hotel on the way near Jalandhar.we drinks the tea oftenly there..
Why did you take it-I took this picture because I luv these type of statues.. All the customers attracted towards the statues.. These are so colourful..My children luvs this .They wanted to click the pictures with statues...See the creativity.i luv it..
Thnks for stopping and reading 🥰


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