Mobile MiniGames: Play & Earn | News & Progress Report July 2022


I continue to play and grind my way up in the Mobile Blockchain NFT Play2Earn Game Mobile MiniGames while keeping up with the development. This is everything that happened last month...

Development News

1. Name Change To Mobile MiniGames: Play & Earn
The name rebrand of the game is now official and final going from Clash Of Streamers to Mobile MiniGames: Play & Earn. The main reason for this was optimization in order to much better explain what the game is about to new players just from the title as Clash Of Streamers was rather confusing. Now players see the new title and expect a bunch of minigames that offer a way to earn.

2. New Trailer and App Store Images
The branding on mobile got new images and a new trailer to improve the download and advertisement numbers. The trailer will also be used in ads.

New Clash of Streamers / Mobile Minigames Trailer 💪

— Clash of Streamers News (@cosnews_net) June 18, 2022

3. Crypto Land Expansion
The big expansion is still being worked on and got delayed for a couple weeks and I do expect more delays going forward as this is the way these things tend to work. A new demo video was shown how it potentially could look like

4. Advertisement Testing Resulst
They tested the new app store listing with the old one which shows a major improvement

5. Revenue & Lessons Learned
The initial numbers they got from advertisements showed that that countries like the Phillipines had the highest return expectation as they were spending the most early on. This is where initially most of the advertisement budget went to. The numbers however did not hold up as most of these poorer players figure out how to earn from the game and what initial spending can get them the furthest.

However, the richer countries like Germany, US, Netherlands, Great Britain show extremely promising numbers as they continue to spend money in the game which makes them able to get the initial funds from advertisement back. This after the Google/Apple cut and not counting the purchases done with Crypto.

6. Upcoming Community Challenges Update

The next big update in the game should come soon and it will introduce community challenges where community leaders will be able to set certain criteria for members in their community which will allow them to earn Crypton and cashback on purchases.

7. Planned Competitive P2P Ranked Mode with Earnings

Another expansion that is in the pipeline is a Player vs Player mode where players will be able to compete and earn Crypton from the Pool (5% of it will be used for PvP mode). From what I understand, it will be split up into different pools of players and you will get 1 opponent each day seeing the previous heroes that were played in order to potentially adjust your own making it more skill based. It also won't require a lot of time like most Play2Earn games.

Some Screenshots that were shared (taken from

8. Future Update

After the Community Challenges, Crypto Land, & Competitive Pvp which are all in the pipeline, the next expansion will be some added mini-games. The main purpose why they will be in the game is because they tend to work best for advertisement. They will be similar to pupular advertisements that are all over Facebook now.

9. Charitable Efforts
They are also planning to ramp up their charitable efforts and make it central in the game having a building for it also with leaderboards and such. The way to give to people that need it will be directly from the game land expansion. This screenshot was shared of it...

PRPS & DUBI Update

There are still more sellers than buyers which makes PRPS trade well below the current sell-wall of 10$. This wile the 10$ buy-wall for DUBI which can be minted with PRPS is still being honored. This right now makes the yearly return not at +8% and this comes from revenue that the game is / will be making so it't not pulled out of thin air and should be sustainable. Only that much PRPS is available at these prices and once the land expansion comes out with the advertisement ramped up, the demand will inevitably start to kick in.

All in-game purchases done with PRPS also have a major discount now as 1 PRPS counts toward 13$ of in-game purchase value. I continue to cost-average buy and also continue to get deals in the game while they are cheap stacking a lot of exclusive skins.

These are the Token Contracts

PRPS (Polygon): 0x972999c58BbcE63a2e398d4ED3Bde414b8349eB3
DUBI (Polygon): 0x950e1561B7A7dEB1A32A6419FD435410daf851B0

a full overview of on-chain activity can be found on

  • PRPS Level 270: 4.81$ (Dubiex) [Last Month 5.85$]
  • DUBI Price: 10$ (Dubiex) [Last Month 10$]

Personal Clash Of Streamers Game Progress

I continue to grind my way up getting that early adopters advantage as I fully anticipate the game to pick up popularity at some point in time. The sooner the better but at the same time the longer it takes the more advantage I will end up having.

I did reach the point of having 1 Million Crypton Saved Up for a Full Crypto Land Plot and I have started scooping up a lot of the older exclusive skins with the intention to hold onto them for years as the game dynamics should make them worth more as time passes by.

ProgressMarch 2022April 2022May 2022June 2022July 2022
Account Level128138148163187
Account Trust207M223M241M267M287
VIP Level67777
Strongest Heroes6x L116x L116x L117x L118x L11
Strongest Pets6x Max Level6x Max Level6x Max Level7x Max Level8x Max Level
Gems Balance2.1B1.9B1.4B2.2B1.0B
Spellbook Heroes10000% (Max)10000% (Max)10000% (Max)10000% (Max)10000% (Max)
Spellbook Pets10000% (Max)10000% (Max)10000% (Max)10000% (Max)10000% (Max)
Crypton Saved169k76k43k439k1M+
Sale Points Saved130131298359361
Pet Luck+546%+614%+696%+713%+727%
Campaign ProgressPrestige 57-1039Prestige 59-1071Prestige 62-1117Prestige 64-1155Prestige 69-1228
Community Members6573788699
Export Discount--5.9%6.2%6.4%
Total Money Invested470€640€820€1140€1580€
Exported NFT Pets01222
Exported NFT Heroes00000
Total Estimated Account Value1400€+1600€+2000€+2000€+2500€+


While not all that much seems to have changed in Mobile MiniGames aside from the name last month, a lot of things are being worked on that should start releasing the coming months. The numbers on the advertisements are looking good to a point where they will be able to earn back quickly what they are spending allowing things to ramp up once it really starts going. I would say we are still early and there is still a big edge to be found especially when taking advantage of my Community Sign-Up Deal which will give active players the opportunity to a free sub-blot to use as I already have the 1 Million Crypton Saved up to buy one. (See Clash of Streamers | How To Get A Free Land-Plot & Earn !). By scanning the QR code you can directly download the game and be part of my community.

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I reblogged this awesome posts. Excellent for reference, as it's on mobile I'm interested in this game. But im playing Splinterlands and it's so time consuming. Especially with the focus rewards. I have some rising stars nft too, but not played it yet. So I can play another game and see how it all fits in !



Actually, Mobile MiniGames is a joy when it comes down to time management as it only takes 5-10 minutes daily to get most of the progress each day. It does take some time to unlock all buildings and learn the dynamics of the game at first, but once you are there it really stands out above all other Play2Earn games on not wasting your time. It is designed with this idea in mind and all future updates won't require crazy time commitment while at the same time it's also possible for those that want to spent hours playing daily.

I fully agree on Splinterlands nowadays being way too time-consuming with the focus reward.

Good luck trying out the game, if you have questions always feel free to ask. The game even has got an in-game community chat that can be used for that.