IAAC- 21 May 2022

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well.This is my 10th day of participation. With the blessings of God,I am alive. My day starts with morning walk then I spent time in garden.
I just completed reading a novel. Which I mentioned in last days. This novel is based on real life of farmers of my area. Billionaire Industrialist with the help of that time’s state government ,forcefully kept the agricultural lands of farmers.This is full matter of misuse of power and corruption.
After this incident the Farmer Union of my state starts agitation against government and industrialist.During this protest 10-12 farmers gave their lives. At the end of protest Government deals with Farmers leaders for more Compensation to farmers.

But the farmers whose lands have been acquired by the industrialists are still keeping their soil of land in their houses. They still remember the moments when they were working in their fields.