Virtual Learning - Its role in the universties, and my Experience

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Hello everyone, how are you? I welcome you to my blog in the Hive Leaners community, on today's, I will be addressing the topic "The Role of Virtual Learning in Universities Around the World." Without further ado, I will dive straight into the topic.

Will virtual learning change the way we think about education and learning?

This is something that has happened, a circumstance that no one believes could have happened or been as effective as this, therefore yeah!! Virtual learning has the potential to transform education.

Let us define virtual learning. Virtual learning is information obtained over the internet or any medium of transformation or communication, which is different from what we understand from the traditional method of learning which is the Physical classroom.

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Beforerior to the 2020 pandemic, no one could have predicted that the virtual learning mode would be as good as it is now, but amazingly, it has kept everyone safe, since students do not need to leave their houses or travel an inch before participating in the learning environment.

In the case of virtual, teachers and students interact in a virtual world or environment where information may be passed on and tasks can be assigned through the internet.

Will universities embrace virtual learning in their curriculum?

I believe certain institutions all around the world can include a virtual learning environment into their curriculum provided they have the tools, in fact, I feel it is the greatest option because it keeps the number of students on campus to a minimum.

For example, the 100 and 200-level students can begin their school session in a virtual environment, which keeps the school environment less crowded and has only the penultimate and final years around. Because the 100 and 200 levels are still basically introductions, their attention is not needed most in the school environment, so they are not really into practicals, which means they are not needed in the physical environment just yet.

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Required tools For Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual learning is extremely achievable if the institution can offer the students with the necessary resources to keep up with the virtual class or make it free and inexpensive.

The university might make it a necessity for all freshmen to have a tablet as well as a monthly wifi subscription, or they could at least build an accessible network in each student's hostel, in this scenario, the session is free as long as all materials are given.

There are several virtual platforms, for example, that can provide access to the virtual world.

  • Discord Server

  • Zoom meetings

  • Google

All of the virtual apps described above can be utilized to meet the requirements for a video stoo as to be utilized in a virtual environment.

My Personal Experience with Virtual Learning

I have had experience with several virtual learning environments, and I am now enrolled in the ALX Software Engineering Program.

ALX is a software engineering school developed for Africans to retain them in the digital sector. The curriculum is a 12-month course, and upon completion, all students can successfully graduate as a Frontend or Backend engineering developer, or depending on the student's preference.

The session goes from Monday till Friday and includes various activities as well as YouTube videos and PDFs with each course.

My virtual page

As seen in the picture above, 0x0D SQL - Introduction is my current project, which began two days ago, and the score foundation represents my overall performance. The project has a wonderful means of evaluating its students, if a user receives less than an 80% average score each month, he or she might get rejected, and the project carries a lot of weight.

My virtual page

The image above depicts the projects in which I have participated thus far, as well as how well I have performed in them with my score lines in percentages.


The world is moving quickly, and the best anyone can do is keep up with it. Technology is a new movement and a new phase, and I have always said to anyone, "so far as you have a computer and internet, you have everything you need." There are many courses one can enroll in on Udemy or Academia, whereby whatever knowledge you seek is available and almost as free.

Education takes time when we sit around waiting for it, so we should try to catch up as much as we can. I had suggested to all university students out there to engage in a virtual environment, online classes are mostly free or almost free, so it doesn't hurt to participate in one and boost your learning confidence.

I'd like to conclude the post here, and I hope to see many of you in my comment section.

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