Cumulus black clouds | Random Mobile Photoshoot of the day

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Cumulus black clouds

My other photography today is about the clouds. Clouds are one of the most fascinating sight that is gifted to us by the Nature. They are a vital source for the rain. They are in the grey and black colour due to which they seems little bit scary but provides a heart touching pleasure to us. These clouds are the symbol of peace and tranquility. With the clouds, there also comes the rain and people always become happy with this. There was a very good air blowing in this hot Summar month. I captured it when I was in my office and I saw the clouds which was different from normal days and so I took the opportunity and took pictures. Which I am going to share with my friends. I wish you were happy just seeing it.





I post on Hive blog every day with a different kind of photography and new idea, and here I get to learn new things every day, it's a very happy day for me every day. I thank the Hive community for giving us this platform.

Photos captured by@arvindkumar
Camera DeviceSamsung M31 Rear Camera 64MP
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