wood and flowers

Hi hive friends
How are you......
on this occasion want to share my shots with all friends,i got some pictures today I took the pictures in my surroundings.

Personally, I really like taking pictures, whether it's an atmosphere or something unique, now when I see a towering tree
towards the sky, I want to take a photograph it the blue sky and white clouds make me want to capture its beauty,
I tried to stand from several points to see the beauty side.

when it was late at night I returned to this location, I wanted to see what the view would be like if it was getting dark,
I'm not only interested during the day, when it's almost night, the view is quite beautiful,

as i said i share some photos including flowers,
and here are some of the types of flowers that I got
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will share more types of flowers

here are my shots
which I want to share with all my friends

today I didn't get so many photos, but what I got is enough to make me happy
I will continue taking portraits because it is one of my hobbies
I will continue to try to present something better,

friends, on this occasion, this is all I can share and another time I will come back to share something different Thank you very much for all community friends who have read it, hope you like it

my regards :@aroelarnal
From : Indonesia