RE: Social Security has quietly crossed yet another financial Rubicon of systemic decay


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The danger of SSA retirement benefits fund solvency may be ebbing into the future. Some factors which come into play are the Baby Boomers who appear to be reversing the past 'life expectency' trend of 70+ for men and 80+ for females. Contrary to reported 'stats', it appears that more and more "Boomers" are dropping dead prior to retirement eligibility or soon thereafter...

I'm in that age bracket and most of my close friends and family members have fallen within that earlier death toll. It seems the generations immediately preceeding us have been the people living into their 80's and 90's; possibly due to more nutritious food and a less toxic environment while they were young and developing, etc.

Of course the easy access to SSI (dissability) rewards/payments to a growing population of non-workers has bitten deeply into the pie, compounding the problem of solvency - a factor certainly in need of remedy.

Our government continuing to tap into the fund "borrow from" to finance other projects has also been largely detrimental.

With the advent of restructuring through a Crypto based currency/economy, depending upon the mining process; that may very well solve the problem.

Just my two bitcoin opinion...😎