Bokutachi no Remake Ep.10 Just The Words I Wanted To Hear

If you did the right thing, and it made things worse. Will you have the courage to try again?

[ WARNING: SPOILERS ] Episodes 8 and 9 of Bokutachi no Remake were hard to watch. As I explained in my previous post about this anime. Kyouya learned the horrible consequences of his actions in the most humbling way...

Episode 10 starts by him accepting he now lives in a world with no Platinum Trio. Kyouya vows to protect what's left of this world's creative future and his wife's happiness.

For most of the episode, Kyouya struggles with the fact that he messed things up by meddling with his friends lives. After a few month living in this new world, he gets used to his job at a game making company.

But the things in that company don't go very well... Their artist is having an art block, and their engine is full of bugs. The game's release will be terrible no matter what happens...

Kyouya's team isn't doing so bad, but when he tries to help the other team, he was told not to meddle. Kyouya's reaction hurts! Old Kyouya wouldn't have flinched by this and would've helped, but this Kyouya has just learned he destroyed his friends future by doing just that... Can you find the courage to try again if you're in his place? I can't...

As predicted, the game's release was terrible, and things went from worse to worst, when a fight happened in the game's company... "Kyouya, do something!" said his co-worker. To that, Kyouya lied: "It can't be helped, there's nothing we can do."

In a world with no Akishima Shino. In a world with no [email protected] In a world with no Kawagoe Kyoichi... A world that only existed because Kyouya wanted to help these three when no one asked him. What can he do? It can't be helped... Right..?

As Kyouya went back to his desk, he got an Email message... A notification for a new song posted online.

The singer: [email protected]!

After Nanako failed in romance with Kyouya 10 years ago. She gave up music as well. She only sang for him. After he's gone, she announced she'll stop posting songs online... She did, but here she is, opening her account again, singing from the world to hear.

*"Y'know, long time ago back in college. There was someone who told me to sing. That was what set me to the road of singing. Yeah... it's all his fault. It is all his fault. Yet, because of him, someone as unremarkable as me started singing! I found something I can be serious with. But I didn't keep at it...

I just relied at him and didn't work hard myself. The second he was gone I started slacking. I blamed it all on him and wanted to give up. But I... even if it's only me... I don't want to be the one who invalidates everything he did! Which is why I'm gonna sing again!" --- ([email protected]) Nanako

I was very thrilled to hear this. Just the timing of her song, would've been amazing. But the exact wording was just what Kyouya needed to hear. When he slammed the table next. I knew exactly what Kyouya would say... What I needed to hear:

"We're gonna figure something out! Dammit!" --- Kyouya (30 years old)

After this scene, I know everything will be alright... The whole situation is relatable, because people in creative jobs do face these problems. Sometimes people in charge don't understand. Sometimes the scope is too big. But there's always a solution to a problem, even if it requires some meddling...

I don't know where the story will go from here, and the season is almost over. I'm a bit sad that this anime will end soon, and since it's a promotional type of anime, we might not get a second season.

I wish there was translations for the Light Novel, as my Japanese level isn't enough to understand the story right now. This story is so relatable to me as a content creator, and I really wish to consume more of it.

  • The first image is made with Canva using a color page from LN Vol.6. Next images are screenshots of the anime.
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