Our guilds are recruiting! – Financial report for our GAMING DAO acolytes and disciples of helio – mandatory read for all members of our guild

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About the Acolytes of Helio

We are the Acolytes and Disciples of Helio, we try to define us as a human base layer DAO. We are a bunch of gamers and bloggers on hive and several other platforms. Our members are holding quite a few gaming NFTs and parts of metaverses like Sandbox. We work together to build our guild to new and higher levels in all aspects. By creating content on hive and other platforms we want to contribute to the buzz around this vibrant new play to earn world.


how to join?

We are very picky about our members and thats because of our DAO controlled treasury and our voting system. If you are accepted into our guild you will be eligible for guild dividend distributions and will "own" a share of the guilds treasury. That is why we have the following rules:

  • be active in our discord server! This is our main hub for communication voting and council meetings
  • contribute 50 DEC per season by sending them to IGN: @acolytesofhelio
  • create content on hive! We are actively looking for content creators since we want our guild account to make income by posting quality content to the hive blockchain
  • Be a gamer! At least be a splinterlands gamer! Our members are invested in many types of game projects including chifibots, psyberx, hashkings, exode, rising star and many more to come! We will need operators for all the games since we all have limited time.
  • Be a community person and actively contribute to our guild live. Make use of your vote! Everyone has the same vote value when it comes to voting. The council is voted for every quarter if you do not participate in our votes you will have no influence on where the guild goes
  • hold at least one CARTEL token and be ready to deposit it in the guild treasury once we have passed vote on that. (For undisclosed reasons we have put a temporary hold to this part but better be prepared for this)

how are my funds secure this is very centralized!

Yes, and no. We are a human base layer dao. We can not lock our assets into a contract for now. The contract is a virtual one and is based on trust. Several trusted members have all keys to our guild account. And these members are situated in different timezones which keeps us functional around the clock. Everyone can see account movements and we can monitor the account 24/7 on any hive engine block explorer: https://hiveblocks.com/@acolytesofhelio
We have a secondary holding account to move all assets in an instance to secure them. (This has been tested once and it takes approx 10 minutes to secure all liquid assets) All Cards the guild account is holding are locked for a 48h period after unlocking has started.
I encourage all of our members to check the transactions of our account regularly to be able to identify suspicious behavior.

what am I buying into?

This is the official guild treasury report. All numbers are a snapshots from Splinterlands, PeakD, and Tribaldex
Snapshots taken 9th of February between 9:20 and 10:00 CET


We have increased our Hive power by 8HP and our HBD holdings have been mostly exchanged to hive engine tokens. Our overall account value rose by approximately 6$

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-09 um 09.17.44.png

Our hive engine tokens are mostly staked and a portion of them are delegated to the curation service of the @oneup-cartel this ensures that we grow our stake the most efficient way. By holding CARTEL the account also profits from the 5% fee we pay for the service. It also makes it harder to move any assets should our guild account get compromised. (The likeliness of this is small but we always have to watch out!)
Our SPT stake grew significantly and so did our stake in ONEUP.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-09 um 09.52.54.png

I moved all DEC to hive engine to have it liquid in case we want to grow our position in liquidity pools. Our Vouchers are also moved here so we have it liquid and do not lose time if we decide to make a move.

You can have a look at all our hive engine tokens, how they are staked and delegated here: https://peakd.com/@acolytesofhelio/wallet/hive-engine We have a lot of low balance assets dripping in from our UTOPIS stake and from beneficiary rewards if one has set our guild as beneficiary. (Several members are contributing to our guild this way and this is the place to say thanks!)

As more of us create content it is easy to grow our bags passively by setting the @acolytesofhelio as a 1-3% beneficiary.

Liquidity pools positions

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-09 um 10.07.32.png

We have exited the DEC:SPS pool and all SPS have been moved in game and staked. This increases our VOUCHER drops and our Yield from staked SPS. SPS is claimed and compounded once or twice a day and I encourage our members with active auth to claim and stake whenever they feel like it. The more we claim and stake the more we will hold later on.

We have suffered a slight loss in token numbers due to the higher price of swap.hive and oneup our rewards have increased by 50% though.

Our position in the SWAP.HIVE:DEC pool grew by approx. 7 HIVE and 3300 DEC growing our overall share in the pool by 50% rewards increased by 50% as well.

Our position in the ONEUP:LEO pool grew by approx. 92 ONEUP and 25 LEO growing our share of the LP by almost 30%

Our overall LP rewards right now are reaching over 0.2 $ in value daily! I think that is a pretty nice yield. We can grow our stake in oneup and delegate out more. Compounding our rewards or staking or both? Well to mitigate some of the risks I am for both with 50% of yield going to stake if stakeable. 25% swapped for quote token and added to LP.

If any of our members has input on this I am all ears. Also feel free to approach the council any time you have a suggestion!

Splinterlands assets:

There is an overall decline both in card values and SPS worth.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-09 um 10.34.21.png
source Peakmonsters

SPS stake growing and VOUCHER drop rate staying consistent at around 0.05 per day. For now VOUCHERS are collected on hive engine.

According to Splinterlands AMAs I have attended everything cool in the game will be connected to staked SPS and to VOUCHERS, so the main strategy is to sit tight and wait and accumulate as much of a stake as possible.
As the airdrop comes closer to an end DEC might take another dip back to the range where it should be. So either we grow our bags by increasing our position in the LP due to depreciating DEC value or sell off DEC at some point. It will be hard to determine what to do. But since land is going to be a sink for DEC I would rather go with option 1. It might make upgrading our buildings easier as well.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-09 um 10.20.30.png

Final thoughts suggestions future plans

This is the section where I'd love to open the discussion. You can comment under the post which will be rewarded, and you should also drop the comment in our discord so we can keep track.

  • Spreading our wings: There is many other projects outside of splinterlands that deserve some attention. We are following the strategy of the Cartel and here is my proposal: Suggest games we can play collectively with the guild account or a dedicated operator account. Most games now need active authority so we have to have built a level of trust with our ops.
    I would love to see these operators come from inside our guild.

  • Delegate or donate gaming assets to the Guilds accounts and get those assets played. For example I hold an exode starter pack we can use to start our exode career. I am lousy in this game so I will donate my assets to the guild and an op could play with it. 30% going to the guild 66% going to the operator 4% going straight back to the donator.

  • think of ways how we can get more involved in other projects. Psyberx Hashkings etc! We could have our own team in Rabona and maybe @btcsam could handle the account since he is already doing that for the cartel.

  • get involved! I want input from all our guild members!



As most of you might know @dudeontheweb resigned from his position as main guild leader and gave power to @solymi I hope to see Dude step up again when his time allows it. The Disord server ownership is also transferred to our council.

I thank everyone for the trust they put in me but I need everyones help. I don't want to be the only leader! We are a DAO and we should do all decisions with the concensus of the council of 5!

The council of 5 is subject to an ever changing rotation and I would love to see more and more members to join! In an ideal DAO world it would be the council of 37!

Our bot will be stopped and go in full manual operation so will the two trooper accounts. Dedicated operators will play these accounts for a share of revenue and for growing the guild bags! Note these accounts can be shared by multiple operators so we ensure a 24/7 style of activity without running the ECR below 80%. Each account will be equipped with a good deck and since our members hold a lot of cards we can make sure to push the power of the accounts at season end.
Long term I am thinking of a third guild to get in more members and to even grow at a faster pace. It is quite a big jump to finish the guild hall of the acolytes but it would give us 2 extra members to move up to the higher tier guild and fill ranks from the bottom up. In the long term I believe we can grow the best if we open a 3rd guild and also raise the Seasonal contributions to at least 100 DEC for everyone.
Some of our members have been paying more than that and some have not payed at all.
Which brings us to the most urgent point in my opinion:
Clean up the guild and kick members not being active. @oceanbee has a list and I will have a look at that one. We will decide for each member on a a fair basis. We will consider contributions made and each individual situation, but please talk to us! If you do not react anywhere and are inactive in the game and not contributing you will be kicked to make space for more enthusiastic members!


Please interact with the leadership, bring forward concerns and suggestions! Shill your ideas!

much love
@solymi council member, minister of finance, leader of acolytes, scapegoat

Acolytes of Helio
Disciples of Helio

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Great to see the Acolytes thriving. !1UP


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Absolutely !LUV to see these updates!

I'll be contributing my thoughts of course in the discord but the TLDR is I like the direction we are moving and want to see us keep pushing along.



Great stuff. Some of it is over my head but that is why there is a minister of finance. lol.
I will keep playing and creating content. Let me know how I can be a continued asset.
Here is some !hivebits for the Guild account


Great Update! Glad to see Acolytes still going strong :)


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