Battle Highlights week #2 + Battle Challenge Deeplurker

Authored by @oceanbee

Hello fellow Splinterlands players and welcome to our 2nd roundup of battle highlights within our guilds

Acolytes & Disciples of Helio


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On to this week's Splinterland battle challenge: Deeplurker

Deeplurker is a sea monster of Chaos Legion's water splinter. It comes with middle-of-the-range mana cost, a pretty good life pool, better than basic speed, and quite the melee attack of three. But the best is - it is paired with Opportunity which allows a melee monster to attack from any position of the line-up and it will strike at the opponent with the lowest health. I love me some opportunity! (but only when it is not being played against me).

You probably want to avoid the card in low mana battles but anything above ~25 mana and Water splinter available - this is a good card. I can imagine it will be even better if you're playing it with Chaos Legion's own Kelya Frendul to increase the okay speed and add a little armor or with a Dragon summoner like Daria Dragonscale to increase the melee +1.

Our Acolyte @winty161 went another route. He chose Dragon summoner Camila Sungazer to counter any melee-heavy opponent line-up. Quite the opportunistic approach. Spoiler! He had the right hunch. His opponent played Water with Kelya and chose magic monsters and speed but - he also chose Deeplurker. This line-up was very effectively countered by Winty's -1 melee summoner and not one but two cards with speed reduction. Add in two tank heals vs only one - you can imagine how this battle ended.

What's better than imagining it - watch the replay of Winty's battle here: Dragon (Water) vs. Water Deep Lurker mode engaged!




I am sure my guild mates had more Deeplurker battles however, the ones that stood out were not played with this card.

Here are three hand-selected battle replays for you. Please check them out.

@freeztag shows us the classic grum. I watched the battle and now I know what he means. Also, now I want a Grum!!

Fire vs. Death


@indiebandguru apparently "LOVEs Grund!!!" If you wonder why you better watch this battle. Also interesting to see is the use of the same summoner. Slight hint: Double strike is awesome!

Earth vs. Earth


@solymi / @splinternews shows us how to play a very minimalist set-up - extremely cool win! Nothing else to say, you got to watch it.

Speaking of watching - Splinternews' streams on Twitch. Splinterlands, Rising Star, Hashkings, and other blockchain games. Check out his Twitch channel , give him a follow and

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Earth vs. Death


And this awesome battle rounds up our (hopefully) weekly battle highlights from our guild members.

Remember, we are recruiting and looking for new members active in Splinterlands and blogging or vlogging on any of the Hive frontends. If that is you, please join our Discord server and introduce yourself.


The Acolytes & Disciples of Helio

We Keep Battling!

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Acolytes of Helio
Disciples of Helio

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Deeplurker is a card I haven't used much.