Acolytes of Helio recruiting! Financial report March 3rd |

Authored by @solymi

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About the Acolytes of Helio

We are the Acolytes and Disciples of Helio, we try to define us as a human base layer DAO. We are a bunch of gamers and bloggers on hive and several other platforms. Our members are holding quite a few gaming NFTs and parts of metaverses like Sandbox. We work together to build our guild to new and higher levels in all aspects. By creating content on hive and other platforms we want to contribute to the buzz around this vibrant new play to earn world.

how to join?

We are very picky about our members and thats because of our DAO controlled treasury and our voting system. If you are accepted into our guild you will be eligible for guild dividend distributions and will "own" a share of the guilds treasury. That is why we have the following rules:

  • be active in our discord server! This is our main hub for communication voting and council meetings
  • contribute 100 DEC per month (payable by day 7) by sending them to IGN: @acolytesofhelio
  • create content on hive! We are actively looking for content creators since we want our guild account to make income by posting quality content to the hive blockchain
  • Be a gamer! At least be a splinterlands gamer! Our members are invested in many types of game projects including chifibots, psyberx, hashkings, exode, rising star and many more to come! We will need operators for all the games since we all have limited time.
  • Be a community person and actively contribute to our guild live. Make use of your vote! Everyone has the same vote value when it comes to voting. The council is voted for every quarter if you do not participate in our votes you will have no influence on where the guild goes
  • hold at least one CARTEL token and be ready to deposit it in the guild treasury once we have passed vote on that. (THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN SOON)

how are my funds secure this is very centralized!

Yes, and no. We are a human base layer dao. We can not lock our assets into a contract for now. The contract is not a hardcoded one and is based on trust. Several trusted members have all keys to our guild account. And these members are situated in different timezones which keeps us functional around the clock. Everyone can see account movements and we can monitor the account 24/7 on any hive engine block explorer:
We have a secondary holding account to move all assets in an instance to secure them. (This has been tested once and it takes approx 10 minutes to secure all liquid assets) All Cards the guild account is holding are locked for a 48h period after unlocking has started.
I encourage all of our members to check the transactions of our account regularly to be able to identify suspicious behavior.

what am I buying into?

This is the official guild treasury report. All numbers are a snapshots from Splinterlands, PeakD, and Tribaldex
Snapshots taken 3rd of March between 12:40 and 13:20 CET


We have increased our Hive power by ca. 14 HP and our HBD has been swapped to cover DEC costs for upgrading the barracks of our Guild the Disiciples of Helio Our overall account value rose by almost 19$ due to hive price gaining a little since our last report.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 12.40.45.png

Hive Engine tribe tokens have been staked and we have grown on various sides here.
We will continue to increase our own stake to match our delegated stake from that point on we will increase our own stake and our delegated in a 75-25% ratio. This requires active voting with the acolytes account. Of course we will upvote quality posts by our members but we will need to curate outside of out guild as well.

  • we have increased our SPT stake by more than 1800 SPT to a total stake of 11.16k SPT

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 12.52.36.png

  • our ONEUP stake has grown thanks to our income from posts and to a delegation by @kotenoke thanks for that. Your good deed will be copied by other members of the guild as well! We have increased our staked ONEUP to 814 meaning we will soon increase our delegation to @oneup-curator to have the advantage of passive income from the CARTEL as well, while we feed back into the value of the CARTEL token with generating fees. Since the guild is holding CARTEL this is indirectly benefitting us and also the entire CARTEL ecosystem.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.00.25.png

  • our MEME stake has also grown significantly and I will continue to put memes in our posts so we can use the tag. This is such an easy way of creating value that everyone should use it! After the screenshot I delegated 50% to the curatorion service of the CARTEL

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.10.58.png

You can have a look at all our hive engine tokens, how they are staked and delegated here: We have a lot of low balance assets dripping in from our UTOPIS stake and from beneficiary rewards if one has set our guild as beneficiary. I sold the dust for SWAP.HIVE and swapped for DEC (Several members are contributing to our guild this way and this is the place to say thanks!) Thanks a lot!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.19.15.png

As more of us create content it is easy to grow our bags passively by setting the @acolytesofhelio as a 1-3% beneficiary.

Liquidity pools positions

Not many changes on this front. Our positions are the same with a decrease in LEO and an increase in ONEUP due to the strong performance of LEO (PolyCUB is coming FOMO is kicking in)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.33.06.png

Splinterlands assets:

Our card collection including the rewards of the trooper accounts:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.40.27.png

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.41.20.png

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.42.10.png

source Peakmonsters

total value of cards using market prices: 57,35$


Since we have shiny new barracks we are not very liquid on the DEC side now. We will continue to stake SPS or sell it this needs to be discussed!

So long I claim our SPS and keep it liquid. Every day this sum stands there it could make money in some kind so lets decide this fast!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.54.16.png

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-03 um 13.56.52.png


Fees for the guild are due! Please everyone who has been tagged in discord pay up! Check the announcements in the taverns as well!!! LAST CHANCE we will start to remove members!

We have Barracks on level 2 meaning both of our guilds are able to earn CP through buying and opening Gladius Packs, and we can use Gladiator Cards to have better chances of winning brawls!
Nice job everyone and thanks for the extra conributions to everyone.

@Kotenoke has released a new OPERATOR REPORT for the twoo trooper accounts. (These accounts are owned collectively by all our guild members!) He opted for the 50/50 solution again and I say thanks!

This season the AOH1 and AOH2 accounts have earned 333 DEC and a total of 20 cards with a burn value of 130 DEC. This is less than half of what we pulled in last season. This goes to show that jumping up 1 league makes a huge difference in earning which is exactly what the SPL team has been trying to accomplish.

@kotenoke has been paid 232 DEC by the @acolytesofhelio

We will now aggressively build up our DEC holdings again. To be able to get more SPS. We will discuss the strategy in our guilds Discord

Final thoughts suggestions future plans

This is the section where we'd love to open the discussion. You can comment under the post which will be rewarded, and you should also drop the comment in our discord so we can keep track.

We managed to upgrade a building 2 levels and earned SPS in in the collecting process. That Staked SPS has brought us VOUCHERS
Nice job.
It is absolutely visible that our posts do a nice job in increasing the guilds bags. I like that and want to encourage everyone in our community to help create content for our project. It helps a lot and I would love to see more!

Any members with positing authority please update this section as needed!


Members who want to play our guild accounts step forward! @cinerotic cards can be played! @splintersharder cards can be played! installment 70% to operator 30% to the guild.

much love
@solymi council member, minister of finance, leader of acolytes, scapegoat

Acolytes of Helio
Disciples of Helio

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Looks good. Let's keep growing. I will create some more Memes for the AOH accounts to post. Give me some ideas and I will get them created and shared.


Love seeing the report showing our slow and steady growth as a guild and community 😍


Hi, I would like to join the guild, no problems with DEC's fees, I like oneup token (staked and delegated ~100), I posted Splinterlands' memes and I'm active posting 2/3 times per week on Peakd.

Actually, I don't own a Cartel yet but I'm planning to buy one with the future rewards I will receive (it is on my "to-do list").
It would be a pleasure to talk with someone who likes Splinterlands on Discord, actually, Splinterlands is the only NFT game that I'm playing.

Let me know if you could give me a chance or if you need more details.

Have a nice day :)


Hey there!

We would be happy to have you. Check out our discord to meet some of our members.

That said, is this the account that you use for Splinterlands?


Thank you!

Yes, my IGN is magalli


It would be great to have you, come and join the discord! :)


Small update since the post has been shared we took in @magalli into our guild.
Now as a member of Disciples of Helio he will fight in our Brawls.
We have created the perfect infrastructure to get your collection power growing with Gladiator Cards and you can use them in your Brawl matches too. You are now coowner of the tw guilds and if you serve your time well there is the possibility to get higher in ranks and step up to the acolytes status at the moment giving you 5% more DEC per win. If you know anyone who would be good to join the guild please feel free to invite them into our Discord and tag them here as well.


Great news, thank you very much!