KISS - I Love It Loud Guitar Play Along

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I Love It Loud was released as a video from the Creatures of the Night LP in 1982. This is the last album to feature Ace Frehley as a member of the band though he did not play a single note on any song on the album itself. He made some promotional appearances for marketing purposes but that was pretty much it. Most of the guitar on the album was played by his replacement...Vinnie Vincent. I say most because you never know with KISS. Even in their prime they had uncredited people play on their albums. This is one of the things that kept them out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for many years until finally being inducted a few years ago.

The song I Love It Loud was co-written by Gene Simmons and Vinnie Vincent who was credited under his real name Vincent Cusano. It features some booming drums from the late Eric Carr who had replaced Peter Criss an album earlier. In playing along with this song I can tell you those drums help out a lot. When you can't hear the guitar on the track while you are playing you can definitely hear those drums and they keep you straight. KISS has their detractors but I always liked them. Sure their lyrics were usually horrible but the music rocked. Of course my favorite incarnation was the original 4. I saw them on the Hot In The Shade Tour in the late 80's they put on one hell of a show. Sure that particular album sucked ass but that tour was amazing. I Love It Loud is just one of those cool rock anthems like Rock and Roll All Nite.

Playing along with the song isn't too bad at all. Is has that drum intro to count you in so you can start right when the music kicks in instead of letting it start and finding a place to jump in because it starts as soon as you hit the play button.
As I mentioned earlier the drums really keep you in rhythm and keep you from getting lost if you follow them. During the chorus to get it accurate was difficult because of those backing vocals being so loud they tended to cover up the guitar in the mix so it made it hard to hear but I did some research and I believe I got it figured out. The main problem I saw watching other people play it on the internet is that many of them play the verse wrong. They simply go from a B to an A power chord which is simply incorrect and if you listen to the song it's easy to tell. The correct progression is B5 to B5/A. This is done simply by lifting the index finger from that B5 chord and hitting by hitting the same B5 chord but with an A as the bass note.

Below you can see a basic B5 chord

Below you see a B5/A chord. The middle finger is not playing a note at all it's just there. Normally I'd just lift up the index finger and hit the A string open but I exaggerated it for the photo so you could see. The ring finger is the only finger actually fretting anything.

Outside of those little things that could trip you up it's actually pretty straight forward. It's a good song and it's fun to play. There isn't really what I would call a solo there's this little interlude part with some unison bends but that's about it. I got the video below just click on it and turn it up loud and have a good time with it. As in some of these videos the video itself seems to lag behind the sound a little but then again it could just be my connection.

Thanks for stopping by! Rock on and have a great night!

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