Driving Cross Country Day 7: Santa Fe, NM

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In the interest of full disclosure a couple of the photos were actually taken on day 6 on the way up from Roswell but I just wanted that post to be about the UFO Museum.

It wasn't too bad of a drive up from Roswell it was around 3 hours. Some of these drives I have to do are 7 or 8 hours so even though 3 hours may sound like a long drive to me it isn't that big of a deal. My check-in at the Super 8 wasn't until
pm so I needed something to do until then. About 20 miles or so from Santa Fe there is a place called Clines Corner. I've stopped there many times because if you are leaving Santa Fe it's the last place to get gas until you make it to the town of Vaughn. I always make sure to stop at Clines on my trips. I don't even know if it's an actual town all I ever see is a truck stop with some other businesses attached

As I approached Santa Fe I saw the exit for Clines Corner and pulled over in there. The UFO Museum in Roswell wasn't that big and I got done a I parked and got out my laptop and decided to move some files from my tablet to my laptop that I'd taken for some posts on here. Afterwards to kill more time I went on into the truck stop to look through there. I noticed these hoodies that in the area they refer to as Baja's. The actually looked hand woven. I looked at the price and they were only $18. I didn't even need a hoodie but thought what the hell it's only $18 I'm getting this right now. I asked the lady there if there was somewhere I could try it on and she said yeah right there where you are standing we don't allow merchandise in the bathrooms. I've seen that Seinfeld episode I get it so I tried it on right there and it fit great. So I ended up with a hoodie for 18 bucks!



I wore that thing right out of the store since my air conditioner needed Freon I had to drive with my window down this thing was going to come in handy. I killed enough time in the truck stop that I could hop back in the car and go. Santa Fe does have some nice landscapes coming into town. While in town I'd be working at the Department of Public Safety Academy so I wouldn't have any free time to explore. While I had the chance I took a few photos coming into Santa Fe County




I do truly find New Mexico to be a beautiful state and always enjoy going there. I managed to get checked into my hotel room at the Super 8 and get set up for the night. Tomorrow was going to be day 1 of class. As per normal even though the class was being held right down the road I woke up 2 hours early and stopped at a Burger King on the way and headed right over to the academy. I was sitting there in the parking lot eating when I noticed something that looked like pollen at first on the windshield. It wasn't pollen for sure it was definitely snow at that point. I was really surprised because I'd always thought of New Mexico as a desert and didn't think it snowed there. I thought it was really bizarre. I got out of the car and walked to the entrance with the snow coming down hard. It was seriously fucking cold. I happened to see an officer that I recognized from teaching there last year and asked him about the snow. He told me that it wasn't abnormal at all that usually around Halloween every year they get a big snow but it would be gone by noon. So I guess it wasn't that odd after all. I guess you learn something new every day.

My class started at 8 am and went really well I had officers from San Juan Detention Center and Eunice PD in my class and they took to the material really well. Sorry but I don't post anything from my classes on the internet for safety reasons I don't go into right now. Maybe that is for another post in the future. They were right about the snow though it was gone by lunch for the most part. After class I made it back to the hotel and was pretty happy with how everything had gone. I took a short walk and noticed in the distance the mountains were still snow capped from earlier so I took a few photos of that.




No that isn't clouds in the distance that is in fact snow. Well some of the higher ones are clouds but it's mostly snow.
After that I walked back to the room. I wouldn't be leaving anymore tonight as I had class tomorrow again and had decided that right after class I'd be driving directly to Alamogordo to prepare for my class there so it would be an 8 hour class plus a 3 and a half hour drive directly after it so I went to bed early.

Thanks for stopping by have a great night!

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