Driving Cross Country Day 6: The International UFO Museum and Research Center

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So yesterday I had something come up and could not go to the museum. While I was driving( do not do this at home) I looked up the hours of the museum and saw that they were open on Sundays at 9 am. I sat my alarm and woke up around 7 am and went to grab some quick breakfast then took care of a couple other things before heading to the museum.

When I got there it was only a short line and admission was only 5 bucks so that wasn't too bad at all. The first exhibit I came to basically talked about some of the key players. There were copies of several affidavits from people with knowledge of the alleged incident. The issue I found was that the museum has this overhead lighting that causes a glare on everything but doesn't show when you take the photos. Then when you load the photos on to your computer after you've already left they are blurry and you can't read them. One of the affidavits that did come out well however was that of James Ragsdale who had discovered the crashed ship prior to the military arriving and securing the scene. You can read that affidavit in the photo below:

Since the others were blurry due to lighting and not legible I'll talk about some of them here:

Brigadier General Thomas Jefferson Dubose signed an affidavit claiming he was in charge in Fort Worth when the material removed form Roswell later that night and received the material when the plane landed testified the material in the famous photo was a weather balloon and it was not the actual material from the wreckage in Roswell. He testifies that the weather balloon story was faked to throw off the media and not scare the public.

Charles Wade testified in his affidavit that ranch owner Mac Brazel came by his father's bar that night and asked him to close early and come out with him to the ranch because something had crashed there. He testified when they got to the site it didn't look like anything he'd ever seem and he talked the ranch owner into alerting the military. Days later Brazel didn't talk about the crash and was driving a new truck and had come into some money and soon moved out of town.

Phyllis McGuire who was the daughter of George Wilcox, the sheriff of Chaves County that night, testified that her father had said it was a saucer that had crashed and there were alien bodies.

Loretta Proctor who was the neighbor of Mac Brazel testified the object that crashed was not a weather balloon. She said Brazel brought a piece of the object by their house to show them before the military took everything.

Barbara Dugger who was the granddaughter of George and Inez Wilcox testified that her grandmother told her that military officials came to the jail the night of the crash and told George and Inez Wilcox that they would be killed if they spoke about what they knew.

These are some of the signed affidavits that were pinned to the walls at the museum.

The next stop there was some old communications equipment from back then. You can see those in those photos below:




The last photo which is the one directly above had something extra that I didn't notice when I took the photo. On the side there is a button and it you mash the button it will play the original audio from ABC News in New York the night of the Roswell Incident discussing it. This was after the government had already claimed it was a weather balloon but the media wasn't buying it yet. I thought you all might like to hear that audio as well so just for you all I recorded it right there with my phone and you can listen to it as well in the video below:

The next thing I found interesting was materials alleged to be actual debris from the crash. Frankly it may or may not be from the crash it also resembles a type of Japanese metal that was discussed. I have a photo of the placard discussing it as well as photos of the actual material below.






So is it legit? I have no idea the museum itself won't even commit to saying it's legit. It's one of the things I was impressed about as far as the museum. They didn't come off like a bunch of wingnuts. They even had a section of the museum where they themselves debunked certain UFO sightings and showed how they were faked.

Though the other stuff was cool the next exhibit was the coolest one in my opinion. So if you listened to that video up above then you will know that eventually everything was moved to Ohio. Allegedly that is where the alien bodies were also stored. There is a claim that a guy stole a mandible from one of the alien bodies there and had a mold made of it.
The mandible was stolen from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH. The mold was made by a dental technician named John Musgrave at Browns Veteran's Hospital. Six different laboratories have reviewed the mold and concluded that the mandible was neither human, primate, or any other animal on this planet. Now me and my thinking I would need to know the names of those 6 laboratories. For critics they would need that info I wish it would've been included on the placard. On a separate placard it was mentioned that at one time NBC arranged for six experts to look at the mold. The only one mentioned was Dr. Shara Bailey a dental anthropologist from the University of New York. It was concluded that the mold did come from an actual skeleton as it displayed gum tissue but did not match anything from this planet. You can see for yourself I took a photo of that actual mold and you can view it below


Then rest of the place were alien displays but by then I needed to hit the road I had a check-in in Santa Fe I wanted to make so I could get ready to teach tomorrow. I took this last photo of a few of the displays just for fun.



All in all the place was fun I enjoyed it. I'm not really a conspiracy type guy but it was definitely worth the money if you are ever in Roswell you should pop in there and check it out.

Thanks for stopping by have a great night!

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I like the ufo crash site metal, looks terrestrial cuz it has a cupholder shape lol but ive seen pictures other alleged extra terrestrial objects under microscopes from paoloa harris

here it is


lol yeah I don't think they are all in on it either there was some type of metal work they do in Japan that they showed right beside it that resembles it but it looked cool. Personally I don't think that metal was from the crash site

That's some interesting stuff, I'm a believer and pretty well researched on the UFO/alien subject and some of what you shared was new to me. Seems like a neat museum, I bet I'd enjoy it there. Thanks for sharing!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it I enjoyed the visit there. I'm not really that knowledgeable about it I only knew the basic stuff. I travel through Roswell once a year for work and kept passing the place and had never gone in but had some extra time this trip so I went on in there and it was fun I'd recommend it to anybody. I found a lot of it really interesting

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