Driving Cross Country Day 17: Salt Lake City

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I have to go out tonight so this will unfortunately be a shorter post but they will vary as I work my way back home.

So I arrived in Salt Lake City on a Tuesday night and that is where the last post left off. I didn't teach until Thursday and Friday so I had a free day. I had a friend on Discord that lives in the area as well as my friend down in Elephant Butte tell me that while I'm here I must try to Brazilian steakhouse. I even went on Discord the night before and asked @derangedvisions the name of the place. I went to the front desk and asked if anyone had heard of it and they told me it was down at some mall just under a mile away. Now I found out really quick that the interstate there was hell but the surface roads were actually really easy to navigate. I wish more cities had surface roads like the ones here. So anyway I hopped in the car and took off using google maps. I saw the name of the mall but I didn't see a mall. I was looking more for the traditional mall. I guess this was technically a mall. I drove around it and I didn't see the place, It was called Tucano's. I thought well shit I'm going to have to park and look for it on foot.

Well I found a spot but then saw I had to pay for parking and needed some card I didn't have. Now in Chicago parking for 30 minutes costs around $12 in the city so right away I was like ughhh....fuck. I didn't see where to pay it and some guys was walking by and I asked him. He took me to the kiosk where I could use my debit card and to my surprise it was only $2.50! Damn that is a good deal for parking in a major city! I got a little happy there about it. Plus this is one of the only cities I've been to in awhile where random strangers on the street are helpful so it was a double bonus. I walked around the corner and asked someone else where the place was and told told me it was up the stairs past the movie theater if I remember correctly.

I found it and walked in and the place looked good!I got a seat and started looking at the menu. I'd looked at it online the night before but honestly didn't understand it. They had all these different meats I think roughly 14 in all. The price was $24 which at the time I thought was steep. I couldn't figure out which meat I wanted. The server came by and asked it I was ready and I said I couldn't figure out which meat to order. So then they asked If i'd ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse before and I said no. That my friends is when the magic happened!

It was explained that the full churrasco means that you get all the meats....ALL THE MEATS! Not only that but it is endless it doesn't stop unless you stop it. They have this salad bar type thing, which is also really good by the way, it isn't a traditional salad bar there's other things on it marinated in other things that makes them better as well as other things like fried bananas. Now I right these posts days after I've left the city and in this case even the state so I can't remember many of the details but trust me you want this salad bar it is friggin awesome.



Just really good stuff up there. Then there's this wooden salt shaker looking thing that's green on one side and red on the other. Red meaning don't bring the meats and green meaning bring it on! So I had the bright idea that I'm not going to use the red end. I'm going to eat everything. There's definitely pros and cons to this thinking...lol. See I'm used to service being average and when they told me how it works I thought there would be a lot of time in between. There is no time in between...lol. The various servers walk around with these big skewers with the different meats on them and they slice it right at your table. I'll just say this....it's fast. It's faster than you can eat it. It's kind of an onslaught. I really great tasting high quality onslaught. There was turkey wrapped in bacon, a couple types of marinated chicken, top sirloin, grilled pineapple, barbecue ribs, brisket, and 8 other ones I can't even remember. Brothers and sisters I felt like I was going to have to lay down and roll out of the place to move when I was done. It may be the best restaurant I've ever eaten in on the road or maybe even ever! The food and service both were excellent. Absolutely top notch all the way. I'm going back to Salt Lake City to teach again in April and might just revisit this place. I will also use the red side of that thing some and bring me some digestive enzymes to keep going...lol. I'm only joking of course it's a great place.



Folks that's all I got time for tonight. Tomorrow's post should be a big one with a ton of photos. Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!

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I told you that it was awesome. Tucanos is one of my favorite places to take the family for dinner. The service is always amazing.

Yeah it was great! It's been a good trip but it's been a long one I haven't been home since Oct 22

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