Cross Country Driving Days 18-20: Starting Home

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So the next day I had training I was teaching at Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office. I taught there on both Thursday and Friday. The class went pretty well there was a good crowd for my first trip to Utah. I sprained my wrist somehow on the first day but have no idea how it was done. It wasn't too bad I was able to do everything I needed to do without issues. Even now as I write this it's a little sore. I'd decided on the way back I was going to stay in Blanding as opposed to Bluff. I went through Blanding on the way up here and it seemed like it had the more normal things I needed and wasn't so trendy. IN many states I'll leave right after class to head to the next city but this was a new area and a little bit too long of a drive to head out right after class so instead I left Saturday morning after I got my room in Blanding booked.








I knew I missed a lot on the way up it is definitely a beautiful state. On my way up there as I was turning off on some road I noticed what looked like a little popup place or something called Jackass Joe's UFO Jerky. I do tend to like beef jerky so I told myself if I see it on the way back I'm going to stop. Then there it was right before I turned on the road that would eventually lead into Blanding(I don't remember the name) it was right there.




The place was quirky but it was pretty cool also. There were many types of beef jerky with free samples. I found a spicy one that I really liked when I bought it. I was surprised it was $18 that seems to be pretty expensive. Later I would see the same brand in other places and it was the same price everywhere so I guess that is the normal price for that brand. Today's drive was a little over 5 hours and tomorrows would be closer to 8 hours going back to Elephant Butte. I'm basically going back the same route I came. I got to my room in Blanding a little bit later and settled in for the night. I was starting to have some abdominal pain but more on that later.

Thanks for stopping by have a great night!

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