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You are right phoenixwren. I was sad to see the clothes donation box in my neighborhood looked like a garbage bin recently ... :( We shall use what we have and when we have to buy something new we shall go for a greener option.

By the way I found bees wrap somehow works in my kitchen. Not for all the case though. After using it for almost a year, somehow I became a friend with it. I'll write about it.


Your being crafty I'm sure helps you to create less waste! Sewing and such are such useful skills to have.
Cool about the beeswax wraps! I haven't tried any because I just use the Tupperware type containers I have and I never used plastic wrap to begin with. But sometimes I've put a pot or large mixing bowl in the fridge with a plate over it; a beeswax wrap would probably be better. X3

Plates are good covers. I do the same too :)

I was wondering what do I use the wrap instead of Tupperware style containers. I use it to cover cut surface of lemon and cucumber. Also for ginger. I use it to wrap my daughter’s sandwich, which will be broken in a large container. When I have a small bag, it’s convenient after eating food inside. I can fold it to flat. These are my use cases of the wrap.

I enjoy my improvement process to reduce waste to zero :) I agree with you to use the things we have in our hands.

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Oh those are some great ideas! Are they easy to clean? Do you put them in the wash, or just wipe them down after?

I found it's not easy to clean (wash + dry) a large one in my small kitchen. So I cut it in piece, 1/4 of the original size. It's around 10cm x 10cm - 15cm x 15cm :) It cannot wrap my adult size sandwich but I can use a container for mine.