ZapFic Writing Contest Entry for Week 87: Lazy Susan

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ZapFic is a very short story written in 240 characters or less using the weekly prompt, created by To find out more about this fun writing contest go here.

This is my entry for the ZapFic writing contest for Week 87- Prompt: rotate

Lazy Susan

Dare to say no to the crazy virago?
Hell no! For peace we go.
Aunt Sue spins her Lazy Susan yelling, "Eat! Eat!"
Mystery meat smells like dirty feet.
Heads and stomachs whirl with every twirl,
Taking turns to the bathroom, we hurl.
Poor squirrel.

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I am having computer problems so I was not able to add any images.


I think this line:

Taking turns to the bathroom, we hurl.

was picture enough. LoL. Nice write.

HaHa! Stop the whirl and we will stop the hurl. : ) Thanks for the compliment @bashadow and for stopping by. : )

Ha ha ha ha. Not bad. Calm down.

Your comment made me laugh. LOL! Thanks for reading. : )

We can think that everything has been a race ha ha ha!

So true! LOL! Thanks for reading. : )

Darn the images to that piece would have been something. lol...very creative as usual Butterfly! What's a virago anyway?