Soft landing.

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bouncy castle proper.png

Nothing in Bob's life ever went according to plan. Desperately depressed he tried to end it by throwing himself off the balcony of his apartment, only to land on a bouncy castle which had been placed in the garden below not a minute before.

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The prompt is depressed
The image is my own


You should be writing comedy skits :))

I sometimes think I'm living in one:)

That's frustrating, poor Bob! I hope he didn't crush children and get billed for not paying for jumping on it.

😂 !to do and a great day full of laughter. 💕

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Hahaha, good one Kitty. I was gonna crush a few kiddies but @whatisnew doesn't like it when I kill people.

@deirdyweirdy I understand that.

!trdo and 💕, stay safe.

Haha, what a happy ending to an otherwise sad demise. Nice drawing!

I do love to draw but sadly though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak:)

You do very well then. Do you have arthritis in your hands?

Oh crikey no, I'm as fit as a flea. I meant that though I have the will, I don't have the skill.

Fit as a flea! Good to hear @deirdyweirdy. Don’t sell yourself short about your skill.

A new expression, I’ve heard ‘fit as a fiddle’ before. 😂

HaHa! Damned if you do, damned if you don't!
Our roles have reversed. Now I have the sad endings. : (

We'll swap back next week, you can take funny and I'll take depressing:)

Howdy deirdyweirdy! I don't know how I missed this masterpiece but I apologize. Both the exciting and gripping tale which made me burst out laughing and the artwork. Another flawless creation of impossible proportions and beauty! You must have supernatural help with your drawings!

Of course I have supernatural assistance. You don't expect me to produce such masterpieces on my own do you?:)

Ah ha! I KNEW it! I guess that was a dumb question. lol.

😂😂. Reminds me of a lad here that jumped off the gas house bridge only to land on the island below and broke his two legs in the process.

Thanks for a good chuckle!

Chucklers are always welcome. Thanks for reading.

I hope he got a good laugh out of it. I did!

Aw, thanks for that. I've served up so much misery lately, I owe you a smile.

So did I (got a good laugh out of it)! What else could go wrong? or maybe this was a case of something going right.
Next up, he needs to befriend a little kid or a lost dog and conquer his depression.
Bob. Somehow you chose the perfect name for this guy.

hahahaha! It IS the perfect name!

Thanks Carol, but I don't think that'd help. It's having to work with children and animals that's depressed him in the first place;)
But seriously, I do believe you're right, about the animals at least. I'm off to the countryside soon to 'live off the fatta the lan' an' have rabbits'.

I stopped by to have a look at your blog, and to my dismay, you've not posted in a while :(

I know how Bob feels right now..

Hahaha, I feel a little like Bob myself. I've no idea what's happened to me. In my almost 3 years here I've never been so speechless.

Hahaha! I wonder what happened next.
Did he bounce up high, or just lie there, for a while after which he decided to start bouncing around, be in the moment, get out of his head and play, like a kid, to feel better.

Keep those stories coming! :>)

He bobbed about for a bit and then went off to buy a rope:)
Thanks a lot for your kind support.
There's tons of interesting stuff in your blog and we joined around the same time. I'm surprised I haven't come across you before. I just happened upon an interesting comment of yours recently which prompted me to check out your page.

Gives a new dimension to the expression 'tragicomic'

Hey, listen, the comments aren't supposed to be funnier than the post :0)


He bobbed about for a bit and then went off to buy a rope:)

Let's pretend that it was a skipping rope ;>)

I guess there were way more fish in the sea back when we joined. People seem to be finding each other ( again ) lately though and user activity of those who stayed is soaring. Good times are surely ahead of us.

P.S. What's wieth the Amsterdamstays link on your profile page? Are you a Dutchie?

Ok Pollyanna, I can play pretend... a skipping-rope it is... and the good times are most certainly around that next corner:)
A Dutchie? Crikey, no. I'm Irish born and bred but I did live in Amsterdam for some 15 years. And before I say any more, I see you're in Portugal but your name looks Dutch. Do tell.

Amsterdamstay is an accommodation-rental website I run with a few friends.

Ah, Irish. I am Dutch, that's why I asked :>)

When did you live in Amsterdam? I only lived there for about a year in 2009/2010. I'm born and raised in the cheese city: Gouda

I lived there from 2000 to 2015, returning to Ireland after my father became ill and likely staying put here. I visited Gouda on a tour bus once for about half an hour.

15 years wow! Funny to hear that in a decade and a half you only visited Gouda like an Asian tourist ;>)

I get the whole ill father thing. It's not always easy to live our own lives, to be selfish enough for this. I am still struggling ( mentally ) with this myself, as my father's health has decreased more and more since I left The Netherlands two years ago. Not that he was healthy before ( depressed and a heart patient ) but now he has progressive lung fibrosis too.

That's a difficult one alright. For me, there wasn't much of a choice but to return since he was on his own without any other family.

Hey, what happened to your fun stories? No inspiration lately? They are missed ;>)

Alas I am humorless and devoid of inspiration...but this too will pass...I think.

I guess Bob got down from the bouncy castle immediately enlightened :)))

No, not really. He headed off immediatley to the gun shop:)

Spoilsport :(

Where has Ms @DeirdyWeirdy gone? Is she okay?

Oh sweetie, it sure gladdens my heart to know that you missed me:)

I do...!

Quite meaningful

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Hi Hun! Hope all is well with you. I am on top today and I will look for your dust in Freewrite Land. : )

Dunno about dust babe. I've been engrossed in tales of a pregnant praying mantis and feel I may have to go lie down:)

HaHa! It is better than reading about snot!

Hi Hun! Hope you are doing well. I am tops today and will catch ya when I see your dust. LOL!

Hi sweetie, ready and waiting to kick up a storm.
BTW I dunno how but I missed your zapfic last week. I only found it yesterday when the results came out. Might I say, very well done!

Thanks Hun! I miss your ZapFic's and freewrites.

Greetings my dear partner and I hope this day finds you well. It's tops for me so I shall see you somewhere centre(ish).

Hi Hun! I am bottoms up today. Don't rush because I will be going slow today. Just got over another 3 day migraine from hell. I hope that all is well with you partner.

Oh you poor thing. Just shout if you want me to do the lot.

Hi Hun! I am tops today. A lot of dust has been kicked up around here and you didn't do it. Crazy times here. See ya soon.

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Hi Hun! Is it spring there yet? Still way too cold here. I am bottoms up today and will catcha ya there. : )

Yes indeed the Spring is sprung, the grass is riz...
Crikey, Marianne is very early. Making a start now.

riz? Crikey? You crack me up. So happy that spring has sprung for you partner.

That was yesterday! Today we had snow.

That is the crazy spring weather. Up, down, up, down...just like me. I feel like I am on a roller coaster and I can't get off.

Hi Hun! I am on top today. Hope you are doing well considering the situation around the world. See ya in Freewrite Land.

Hello partner, my profuse apologies for the absence. We moved house on Tuesday and only got the internet this morning. I didn't even have mobile phone coverage here to let you know.
Pic of my new lake:)

IMG_20200320_102419196 (1).jpg

Hey partner, internet almost non-existent the past week but the wind must be blowing the right direction today.....the connection is good.....I guess I'm in the country now!
Anyway I'm here ......

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