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It was when finally the food ran out, and the desperate castaways agreed that one should be sacrificed to save the others, that meaty Martha wished she'd gone on the lose 10 stone in 10 weeks diet her husband kept harping on about.

Posted in response to's Zapfic contest

The prompt this week is FOOD

The image is my own


Good twist to an ending. 😊

Thank you kindly.

Oh no ten days cold, how did I miss this one? I love it!
Meaty Martha should have listened to her husband and gone on that diet - OUCH

Deirdy Weirdy brings another great zapfic HOME!!!!!

I'm so glad you liked it. I have so little to say that if it wasn't for good old and his zapfics, my blog would be a pretty desolate place;)

oh nooo

Ooooooh yes, I'm afraid so!


Well there's no improving on that!


very nice writing.
i try to follow your steps, tho i am not a native speaker :)
does 'ccc' stand for ;creativecoin', or I am getting it wrong ?..

Thanks. I know how difficult it can be to appreciate humour in a foreign language.
Yes CCC is creative coin.

then, me thinks, #ccc is a wrong tag -
#creativecoin should be used?..

I try. my humor knowledge level is definitely above zero ))) :P

Hahaha..gruesome deirdyweirdy! I love it. No one does micro stories better than you. And is that another miraculous micro deirdyweirdy original piece of artwork? Oh my gosh, it gives me goosebumps!

All of my artwork is dedicated to you my sweet, in perpetuity. If it weren't for your encouragement sure I'd just use pixabay;)

Oh that would be a great loss to the world if you used pixabay deirdyweirdy. lol. They have nothing that compares to your inspiring art!

Ahahahahahahaha! Awesome!


Thank you very kindly. I'm delighted it gave you a giggle.

Brilliant :)

Aw, thanks Hon. I wasn't sure about this one.

Really? It's stupendous. hahahahaha! I wonder which way her hubby wants it to go down, assuming he's among the castaways too. So much depth in this one!

No depth at all babe. You're way too much of a lateral thinker for me. I didn't even consider her hubby being a fellow castaway and what that might mean. You have much to teach!

My favorite stuff in my writing is always the stuff I had no idea I was putting in there. I find them well after I hit "publish", sometimes days later.

On occasion, I happen upon something I wrote just a few days earlier and don't recognise it as my own. But that's probably just old age:)

'Solaris' by St.Lem -- classics! -- was written in the same way, as far as I know...

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Hi Hun! I am here and on tops today. I will be looking for your dust. LOL!

No dust today my sweet. My keyboard batteries just ran out, I've none in the house, it's lashing outside so I had to resort to the laptop keyboard which keeps sticking. I know, it sounds like the dog ate my homework excuse.

HaHa! You sure didn't let all of that mess get in the way because I still found your dust. Stay inside and don't bash your laptop keyboard. : )