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Silence fell as the Great Poodini took the stage for his famous vanishing act. And with a wave of the magician's hands and a muttered incantation, the audience disappeared, save for one fortunate soul who had gone to use the facilities.

Posted in response to @felt.buzz's Zapfic contest

The prompt is Performance
The image is my own


Good one! Poodini?!?! LOL! I will have to remember not to go to any of his shows unless I am at the end of my rope. : )

😆Glad to have made you smile after your week of worrying.

Me too! It felt good to smile for a change. Thank you for that. : )

I think the first thing I ever read of yours was a zapfic. This one is, as usual, fabulous!
I think only people who have tried to write one of these can really appreciate them. I have to get back to my zapfics!

Yes, you must. And you're so right. It's not as easy as we make it look;)

It's brilliant! It's like being a poet, discarding all excess verbiage to distill the story to its essence.

Love it!!!
Years ago on a family vacation to Yellowstone, waiting for Old Faithful, one of my husband's brothers needed the facilities. OF COURSE the whole family escorted him and of course they missed seeing Old Faithful go off.

I love the twist that by ducking into the restroom, someone avoids a disaster.

Hahaha, Isn't that just typical! There's an amusing old advert for Kit-Kat with a similar scenario. If you haven't seen it before it might give you a smile.

The dancing pandas, unseen! LOL!

Puff, just like that. You Derirdy are an amazing wordsmith.

And you m'dear are a gentleman!

lol..that's a cool twist deirdyweirdy, I love it! And the cherry on top is the fabulous artwork which looks like one of your famous originals am I right?

You're seldom wrong m'dear. It is indeed one of my famous miniatures. I think you might need a slightly smaller frame for this one.

lol! it looks super tiny but that would just lend to it's incredible uniqueness and value!

Hi Hun! I am here and on top today. See ya there.

Thanks for the heads up. It's an hour earlier for me today.....daylight saving time again! Cya.

Glad I could finally help you in a tiny way. That time change always messes me up for a few days. Ours begins this weekend.