Youtube removing crypto related videos recently

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I noticed a video by @intrepidsurfer recently while I was curating and then checked that some others had been sharing an article from news.bitcoin about youtube removing videos and placing strikes on crypto youtubers about crypto videos:

Could this be the next crypto "banning" much like when Facebook decided to ban all ads last year before going back on that decision after they decided to create their own cryptocurrency? Who knows what's going on and if this could be something similar but if you've noticed my recent posts and discussions about Youtube it's a complete mess what's going on there. According to news.bitcoin it seems that some users are targeting these content creators on purpose because of some history and flagging their accounts in order to get them banned. Whatever the reason or the case being now, it goes to show why these content creators need to adapt with where they post their content as that source of income could be removed at any time.

Would be a good time now to make some noise about the alternatives, especially to the affected content creators who literally talk about crypto it's weird that they aren't already using platforms like 3speak and dtube.

There's screenshots and links to their twitter accounts in the news.bitcoin article if you wanna go and throw them some advice on how they can diversify their platforms a bit better. :)

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Just reading about this, @acidyo :)

“Possible mass Crypto-video flagging operation over at you YouTube right now.”


Do you think @dtube or @threespeak could handle a mass migrations?

Well there's not that many crypto content creators so I'm sure they could handle all of them.

That’s encouraging to hear —— I understood Dtube was on shaky ground & did not know if 3speak was technically robust enough to handle the millions that YouTube hosts..

lol happened to me too and I stopped making crypto videos over a year ago. Looooove me some retroactive tos violations

My 8 year old son said to me yesterday, “YouTube is lame and isn’t good to its stars. Can I start posting my TikTok videos on STEEM?”. YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!

Big changes are coming. This development dovetails with Facebook and Instagram arbitrary censorship and people are just fucking OVER it. Steemit couldn’t be better positioned.

Is it me or does this happen every december since 2017? Feels like there always google/facebook drama with crypto by the end of the year. I'm going to take a guess and say that google wants in the crypto game just like facebook.

Along with exchanges delisting a lot of coins around this time, you may be onto something - they want in cheaper. ;) :P

Certainly, they may be thinking about the connection of a cryptocurrency attached to YouTube, but I take the opportunity to make a constructive criticism and it is in relation to Dtube, when I try to watch a video of this platform it is extremely slow compared to YouTube, just how to upload it .

If it were only fast enough to watch the videos and upload them, the results would be other and a better option for video content creators.

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