Your Top 3 Contest - Winners Announcement October 2020 - Favourite Halloween Movies

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A Spooky Month! 🎃

Hey everyone! It’s Q here, the mascot for the Your Top 3 Contest and I’m back to reveal this month’s winners after pulling my head back above the pillow. You all had me quaking in my boots with the scary choices, but let’s find out exactly which ones reigned supreme for Halloween!

Contest Results

As this is an open door contest, I like to use dpoll to let ALL of YOU vote for your choices from the nominations that have come in from those who entered. I then assign points to those voting positions and add up the three nominations for each contestant to make a final league table.

And here is the final league table:

October Table.png

1st place @justclickindiva

Link to post - Prize $2.50

2nd place @wiseagent

Link to post - Prize $5.00

3rd place @dksart

Link to post- Prize $.85

Congratulations to the winners for the excellent nominations and winning this month’s contest round! Be sure to check your wallets as the prize payouts will be with you shortly!

I Am On Discord!

You can join my Discord server here, which is where all the FAQ and contest rules will be housed and it makes it easier for our amazing contestants to come ask questions, interact and drop their links to entry posts. This way you can make sure you never miss an announcement and easily be able to check out your monthly competition 😉

Showing Gratitude

Such thanks should also be given to our delegators, we appreciate this immense generosity!!

@plantstoplanks@justclickindiva@foxyspirit @crypt0wid0w
@mono.rosado@cheese4ead @nickyhavey

Thanks for entering this month’s contest. I hope you had fun and we get to do it all again on the 1st! So follow me here and I look forward to seeing your entries next month!

Your Top 3 Contest Mascot

Q Happy.png


Congratulations to the winners this month and @justclickindiva for her first win this year!

I wonder what Q has lined up in the topics next month!

Thank you for your support since my month participating in the Top 3 contest. I appreciate your encouragement. It's about time I had a decent placement after last month's dismal showing. I think it was last month. I tend to put unpleasantries as far back as I can, lol.

Yes, looking forward to the remainder of the year. This will be my first full year participating.

Well thank you for being a part of it all too and your persistence has paid off with a first place this time round! Haha, I can't remember either, no time to dwell on the past any way, might as well work towards the next thing!

Just two more to go but not sure if you're aware, Q is going to be on a bit of a adventure next year and as such the contest won't be continuing for a while so you may as well enter these final two months and see if you can finish Q4 strong!

Thank you so much for the October prize. This month was a good topic for the Halloween partying that will take place in a few days.

Congratulations to @wiseagent and @dksart for rounding out 2nd - 3rd place. And all the other participants.

Looking forward to the remaining two months for this year. Good luck everyone.


Congratulations @clickindiva and all the winners!

Congrats to the winners!!!