It's reading time: Who are your favorite authors? [TOP 03]

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Making lists is always very complicated (at least for me, because I usually get very indecisive and redo the same list countless times... haha!), especially when we have to limit our choices to just three names. However, this time is a little easier because when it comes to book authors, my scenario is clearer because I can name three very specific names because I've been following their work for a long time.

Without a particular order, I can't choose who is the best of them, but surely these three are part of my best writers gang because their works are simply phenomenal. Their talent is impossible to write using words alone because practically everything they write (after all, they also have mistakes) that has timeless power and gets better with each new reading.

Each in his/her own way can demonstrate his/her entire gift for writing through amazing and insightful approaches (making the unreal into something real without much effort or creating suspenseful situations with impactful outcomes), and "basically" have won so many awards, sold so many books, and become so famous all over the world. The legion of fans remains faithful and new fans are getting the opportunity to know their work.

Here is my TOP 03:

#01. Stephen Edwin King (a.k.a. Stephen King)


Notorious American writer who showed all his talent and established himself in the literary market through the genres "Terror", "Supense" and "Science Fiction" (with an obvious highlight to the horror side, for which he gained greater notoriety).

His publications (totaling 59 titles) are already spread across more than 40 countries, totaling 400 million copies sold, making him one of the 10 most translated authors in the world. He has also written over 200 short stories and most of them are available through various collections that have already been released.

The peculiarities present in King's works caused the visual entertainment industry to turn his attention to his work and this resulted in several adaptations of his works not only for the cinema screens but also for the TV. Between hits and misses, the essence of the material and the quality of the writing remained intact.

Owner of an acidic and sometimes controversial profile, King is an eccentric figure who writes one of the kinds of stories I like to read. The immersion he gives readers in his works is very deep and his attention to the small details of the plot (always full of symbolism and hidden messages) is always well worked by him in order to deliver the best scenario for the readers.

Favorite Book: The Shining.

#02. George Raymond Richard Martin (a.k.a. George R.R. Martin)


This is the other American writer who famously gained fame after one of his best works was acquired by HBO and turned into the acclaimed TV series Game Of Thrones, one of the best, most popular and most influential productions of all. the times.

"Science Fiction" was the genre he chose to pursue and although his early career was not easy (as with most writers' careers), he did not give up and consolidate his career years later, including encouraging young authors to continue on their paths.

Among several books and collections (unfortunately, not all having the same kind of recognition), his work remains a window that serves as a reference and is synonymous with quality regarding the stories that win the public's imagination through fantasy. trying to keep his feet in fantastic realism.

Always very methodical in his writing, Martin is very categorical in his projects and tends to take a long time to write because he values ​​the quality of what his fans will read. This makes me follow his work more closely because this care about the overall context of the stories shows great respect not only for his own work but also for the interest of the audience waiting to read it.

Favorite Book: A Song of Ice and Fire.

#03. Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie (a.k.a Agatha Christine)


Throughout her fantastic career, this exceptional English writer has written no less than 93 books and 17 plays (not to mention the various little tales). Undoubtedly, this is a quite significant number, especially for a woman who lived in a time when there were not many representates in this professional field. Arguably, her name must appear on any list of the best authors.

The genre in which this British woman established herself and became famous worldwide (earning the title of Queen of Crime) was the "Detective Novel" (which is quite popular nowadays), with the central characters in most of her stories being the eccentric and methodical Hercule Poirot and the charismatic, but also curious Miss Marple.

According to the Guinness Book, Christie is the most successful writer in world popular history when it comes to selling books. It is estimated that the number of copies sold over the 20th and 21st centuries exceeds the 4 billion mark (it's amazing, isn't?). In numbers of translations, the writer's works have won over 100 languages.

I have great affection respect and admiration for who Christie was and for the literary legacy she left not just for the fans but for the whole world. Her work is visibly amazing, detailed, has a refined and intelligent humor, a lot of misteries and is totally inspiring for future writers (especially those who want to follow the same story line).

Favorite Book: Murder on the Orient Express.

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Drum roll....

#1 Neal Stephenson (really disliked his most recent book though)

Favorite Book: Cryptonomicon

#2 J.R.R. Tolkien

Favorite Book: The Fellowship of the Ring

#3 Terry Pratchett

Favorite Book: Too hard to pick one but the ones prominently featuring Rincewind and/or Death are my favorites.

A top thirteen list might also include Douglas Adams, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, J.K. Rowling, William Gibson, Tom Clancy...

I've actually never ready anything by Agatha Christie.

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Ooh, another stellar entry! You guys have made my month with all these awesome choices! I'm a huge fan of King and Martin, though I think I need to give the Queen of Crime some of my allotted book-reading time soon. Of course I know of her as she is so renowned, but somehow I have missed reading much of her work. Must remedy that shortly! Good luck in the contest!

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Great to see you enter the contest again @wiseagent! Looks like Agatha Christie could be a dark horse in this month, that's the first we've seen her name crop up - can it see you over the winner's post this month? We'll find out in the dpoll!

Good luck


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I'm a 2/3 and that ain't bad haha. Game of thrones kicks ass.

@wiseagent, Suspense and Science Fiction brings up more Content to imagine. And when it comes to the World Of Books that means we are about to enter into the state of Time Travelling. Stay blessed.

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Agatha Christie! Now, why didn't I think of her? Along with John Creasey, my parents' bookshelf had a few of hers. Stephen King - not read any of his stuff for years although I have read Carrie (not seen the movie) and Misery. Didn't like the movie. Good luck with the contest.

Oh, I've neither read not seeen GOT, either, and have added it to my reading (not viewing) list - based on so many of the views of other Top 3 entrants.

Great post! Well done.

Amazing what books can do for us, and to see how an author can sell so many books is inspiring!