It's Cinema time: What are your least favorite movies? [TOP 03]

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Talking about Cinema is always a pleasure for me because this is - by far - one of the subjects that I like to write about the most. Even when I have to comment on bad movies - which is the proposal of the contest this month - I think it's interesting because every story has two sides and the entertainment field it's definitely no exception to this rule.

Since the birth of Cinema and its worldwide acceptance, movie have been "categorized" between good and bad (and within these categories, there are subcategories) and although there is no consensus regarding this (after all, it is a personal opinion) it is interesting to see how people from different worlds can be on the same side even though they are in different countries.

This month, the contest's mission is particularly difficult for me (so I had to think hard before writing this post) because I have a huge list of films that I wouldn't really watch again or recommend to anyone. Whether positively or negatively, making a list is always unfair because I am never satisfied with the results (haha!)... But, here goes my TOP 03 (in no order of preference, of course because all of them are bad).

#01. Dragonball Evolution (2009)


This is one of my favorite cartoons of all time (and also one of the most important for so many reasos) and when I heard it was going to be turned into a live action movie version, I was very happy an excited but at the same time worried that something bad was going to be done with its legacy.

My feeling of concern was right because the movie is horrible in every single way: Bad script, poor direction, amateur special effects, costumes that are worthy of a comic approach and a weak cast with poor quality interpretations. I am really surprised at how bad this movie managed to be and the lack of attention to adapt such a simple story on the big screen.

Unfortunately, after I had the displeasure of watching this movie in theaters with some friends after work (what a waste of money!) and after that, I have to say my affective memory in relation to this animation classic got a little scratched... However, after a few weeks (when I came back to watch the original material again), everything went back to normal.

#02. Fifty Shades of Grey [Trilogy] (2015 / 2017 / 2018)


Before I start commenting on this cinematic ambition, I just want to make it clear that sometimes you have to give in to your girlfriend's requests and watch movies that you definitely don't want just to please her (because in my healthy conscience I would never choose to watch it).

The trilogy (which is a world famous literary adaptation... which, by the way, I cannot understand where all the success comes from) manages to be summed up to a professional in search of recognition who gradually finds herself a woman totally submissive to the desires of a rich man with different types of sexual fetishes.

Nothing in this movie works at all. Everything that is miserably constructed in it ends up failing to be too artificial and never being able to immerse itself in the complexity that it initially tries to build. The direction is amateur, the story is super weak, the duo of protagonists is strange and has no chemistry and extending this plot for three movies is really painful.

#03. Dirty Dancing (1987)


Okay, I know this movie is a classic loved by many people... But, I'm definitely not one of them. I remember watching this movie because at the time, everyone was very excited about how good this movie was and in order to have my opinion, I had to watch it. Oh, my... Why did I do that?

The story of a rich, bored young girl on vacation who falls in love with a poor dance instructor is so cliché and full of weird and comical moments (leaving the supposed romance aside for the most part, whics is quite wrong... considering that this movie should be romantic). Their involvement is forced and their growing love is as false as their performance (which is very uninteresting).

Honestly, I think most people only like this movie because of the main couple (who really have some chemistry) and because of the soundtrack (which has become a classic), because the film itself doesn't have much relevance (despite trying to work on a matter of difference between social classes) has a very questionable quality.

Well.. That's it folks! I hope to get my champion crown back this month because I will fight for it, haha! ;)

This is my entry to the contest promoted by @yourtop3:

What Are Your Least Favorite Movies?

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Nice choices, but Dirty Dancing is a risky pick, that is one of the ultimate chick flicks, lol, but I agree it is very cliché.

It's really quite a cliché!

Yess! Finally someone picked 50 Shades of Garbage! I have to admit I read the first two books out of curiosity, but couldn't make it through the third because it was just so bad. I thought the two main actors had nooo chemistry whatsoever to even have a tiny chance at any redemption. Those were so bad that I won't rag too hard on you over Dirty Dancing. ;) Patrick Swayze was one of my mom's fave actors, so we watched that one plenty of times growing up. Roadhouse, too, which is another one a lot of people think is pretty terrible. I've not seen Dragonball Evolution, but know it would be tough to capture the popularity and essence of the original in a live action take. Nice to see you jump back in the heap this month!

I think putting Dirty Dancing on that list was somewhat "controversial", but it was necessary, @plantstoplanks... Haha!

About 50 Shades... It was a MUST to put this movie on the list! ;)

Dragonball is something we all need to erase from the history books, its all so bad, there was nothing remotely redeemable about it, I don't even know how those who watched it before it was released and said okay lets do this!

@chekohler... This movie is one of the most abominable cinematographic adaptations ever made in the history of cinema!

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I feel for you man! Having your favourite cartoon destroyed like that in movie format is SO unpleasant!

And I didn't quite get the hype behind 50 Shades of Grey... seems there are a few "bandwagon" followers of that trilogy but again, one I never watched because when everyone says "YOU MUST WATCH IT"... makes me not want to watch it!

Dirty Dancing? My mum will want to speak to you about that one haha, it's one of her favourites but it could be a generation thing. I didn't quite get it either when I watched it... once was enough!

Good luck for the contest!

Maybe I was exaggerating to put Dirty Dancing on the list (but that doesn't change the fact that the movie is bad, haha), @nickhavey... However, if I were to put worse movies on the list, they would all be unknown movies. ;(

Hahaha! Yea it is pretty bad though 😜 I know, I had a load of awful films that no-one would have heard of... it's basically my entire DVD collection 😂

Hey @wiseagent.

Great post.

I have actually managed to avoid watching Dirty Dancing for all these years. Quite a feat I'm sure you'll agree. I'm lucky (or perhaps it's not luck) that my wife is not big on chick flicks, so my job was made decidedly easier. It looks and feels, from a distance, exactly how you have described it.

I know nothing about Dragonball as well. I guess my age (46) was not conducive to being exposed to it during my more receptive years.

50 shades! You win. Cancel the dpoll! Again, I have not watched it but from afar and by the fan base, it looks garbage.

Nice job and good luck.


50 shades! You win. Cancel the dpoll!

Hands down, @cheese4ead... Haha!! ;P

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