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Before I get to my contest entry post let me tell you a little about the YourTop3 contest.

What is YourTop3?

@yourtop3 is a monthly contest that has gained in popularity. Each month a new topic is put forward and participants are asked to pick their top 3 of said topic. For example this months (Feb. 2020) participants of #yourtop3 contest are asked to pick three date night ideas.

How To Enter The Top 3 Contest

1 - Create a blog post with your top 3 nominations along with your reasoning behind them. Entry posts must have:

(A) Minimum of 250 words total and
(B) The #yourtop3 tag MUST be one of the first five tags

2 - Put a link to your blog post in the official YourTop3 Contest Post.

3 - Set your post payout to 50/50. You keep the SP and then transfer the STEEM and/or SBD (whichever is paid out at the time) to @yourtop3 with a link to your blog post entry in the transfer memo. This is the minimum entry fee, but you can add as much as you like to it! The more you add, the more you can win. There is no maximum entry fee.

For more information about the #yourtop3 challenge such as how prizes are divided click anywhere here on this highlighted area.

Three Date Night Ideas

Netflix And Chill

That's right, someone had to say it. What's better than a nice night at home with your significant other next to a hot bowl of popcorn while enjoying all Netflix has to offer. Answer: Nothing .... So when deciding your next date, don't rule out the simplicity of Netfix and Chill. Movie recommendation: Uncut Gems (sure it isn't a romantic movie but no-one really wants to watch romatic movies anyways :)

The Movie Theater

Keeping it simple is best. Take your significant other out to a movie they been dieing to see. Top it off with a nice dinner and nice adult beverage of your choice. If possible go to a comedy and get those endorphins flowing.


Keeping it with the simplistic theme I have going here, a picnic fits right in and is a great date "night" idea. Some sandwiches, a blanket and alone time in a secluded area where you and your significant other can eat and enjoy each others company might just be the relaxing, stress releaving thing that's missing in your life. Just becareful of Yogi Bear as its rumored he's a picnic basket thief.

Breaking News

YourTop3 has introduced Quarterly and Yearly Leagues to their prize scheme. This means more chances for you to win but you can't win if you don't enter, so get those entry posts in.

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It was only a matter of time before we saw an entry post from you! Still not had a Netflix and chill yet but hey, movie nights are classics and a picnic... Reminds me a little of the 1960s summers (at least the footage I've seen any way)!

Where's @chekohler at? Been quiet over there 😉 Arsenal match as a choice? Haha

Good luck with the contest of course!

Who is this @chekohler you speak of ... :)

As always, I look forward to seeing the poll.

Haha yea the dpoll is "sweat week" for the entries!

Wonder if this @chekohler bloke will feature 😜

I have never in my life used or watched anything from/on netflix.

I only know of Netflix because it's so huge and everyone talks about it.

I don't watch really any movies aswell :D I have watched the Hunger Games series, and then some Local movies that are a must watch in school

Interesting, I have strayed from traditional T.V. watching and if I'm going to watch something its usually something that has already reached its conclusion so I don't have to wait for the next episode.

Netflix is worth having, its cheap (free in some cases) and I would recommend getting it to most. Staying away from all the mind junk television displays (as you do) is a better idea!

Haha, some solid choices to add to the dpoll yet again! Netflix really does make it super easy to chill out at home and enjoy a good flick. I usually reserve the really cheesy romantic ones for the rare occasion I watch a movie by myself, but the BF and I can usually settle on a good comedy with a side of romance for a compromise. I seem to recall Wedding Crashers being one of the first ones we watched together... I think I'm good for about one movie theater night a year, but there is still something nostalgic about actually going to a theater every now and then. Though I think a good picnic might just be my fave out of these three. Let's see if the former champ can take back his seat on the throne...

Wedding Crashers, what a fun movie. I still remember the red head that says the line," I will find you" in a playful yet serious tone... Funny stuff!

"We got a stage 5 clinger!"

Was that the line? lol

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So is it a pic-a-nic-a basket you are after? Hey booboo! Oh man, I know what to show my kids next. I keep trying to show them old shows in hopes they get into it. So far it's a no go for Sailor Moon, Gargoyles, Ninja turtles and Ghost Busters. I can't remember the other ones I tried.

Netflix and chill if you can stay awake long enough for the other part lol. Or just pick a boring one to watch to skip the flix part :P

Movie and dinner is something I've done a few times and can make for enjoyable night.

Great choices!

Picnics and movies- my kinda dates. I started watching Uncut Gems via VPN but it was an awful copy and the sound was terrible - is it on Netflix? Just cancelled out subscription as we are going away, but that' sokay, we are pretty much up to date on watching everything! I couldn't find a thing to watch! We just watched 'Save Me', a British series, which we liked.

Hey, it’s Q here - the mascot of the Your Top 3 Contest - just swinging by to say thanks for these awesome suggestions for our contest this month! I've given you an upvote and logged your nominations, ready for the dpoll - keep an eye on our blog for the dpoll post!

Make sure you set your post payout to 50/50. You keep the SP and then transfer the STEEM and/or SBD (whichever is paid out at the time) to @yourtop3 with a link to your blog post entry in the transfer memo. This is the minimum entry fee, but you can add as much as you like to it! The more you add, the more you can win.There is no maximum entry fee.

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Q Happy.png

Hey @rentmoney

As usual, your nominations are right up my street. I love Netflix and we use it often. Broadcast TV is history in our house. Staying in and watching a movie is high on the list of choices for family night. As is going out and watching a movie.

We haven't done the picnic thing in a while but it's an old fave!

Good luck with the contest



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Hi @rentmoney Classic move with the picnic. I just love picnics from when I was young. I don't use the Netflix service, having digital satellite, there's not need. But I like movies sometimes. It has to be a really good one for me to venture out to the theatre.

Thanks for sharing your ideas. Good luck in the contest.