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The @yourtop3 January Contest - My Three Favourite Authors

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Some excellent choices yet again! As always, I find myself nodding my head reading each entry and all the excellent nods to these fantastic authors. Tolkien is one I need to go back to. I remember trying to pick up my dad's original copy back when I was younger, but never made it all the way through. I'm sure it is a tale that if I picked up now I would fall right into the story and not want to come up for air. I actually haven't watched the movies all the way through either, as 3 hours is a bit long for my movie attention span. A book, though, I could read a good one all day!

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Only 3 hours! My extended versions are 3 hours 30 each. 10 and a half hours total. 😁

Exactly. I can't even fathom how long they are, haha! Maybe I just need to watch them first thing in the morning when I'm nice and spunky vs in the evening when I'm winding down and ready for sleep. ;)