Bringing Some Fun to the Blockchain {Top 3 Least Favourite Movies}

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Well March is turning out to be quite the volatile month here in the Steemisphere, but the crew at @yourtop3 is still trying to keep some fun in the mix with our monthly contest. Currently we are trying to keep it business as usual, but depending upon current events we may prolong the entry period or make some other changes to our usual routine to accommodate anyone looking to enter. Of course we will do our best to communicate any changes or extensions, but would love to see everyone enter as usual if for no other reason than to remind people why we love engaging on here!

This month marks the final contest of our first year as we began in April of 2019. Crazy how time flies. This round instead of focusing on favourites, we switched it up to challenge our entrants to pick out their absolute least favourite movies! As with many of the topics we choose, it really is all about your own opinion and experience. The best part of the contest is reading the "why" behind your picks! We all have different tastes, especially in entertainment, so this one is a fun one to see how someone views a film as absolute garbage, when another might love it. I think I've got a few of those on my list....

As per usual, my entry as well as my other esteemed associates (@foxyspirit, @cheese4ead and @nickyhavey) doesn't count for the contest, but we'll pony up our post proceeds to the communal prize pool. Without further ado, here are the ones that came to my mind for:

This months topic is LEAST FAVOURITE MOVIES

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

A Christmas Story

My Reasons for the Nomination

Yes, I know I'll get some eye rolls at this one. Many adore this classic Christmas film, but just thinking about it is like nails on a chalkboard to me. So many uncomfortable moments in the movie just make me cringe. I don't mind movies making me think outside of my comfort zone in a good way, but I can't stand movies or shows where one or more of the characters is in an almost constant state of discomfort or humiliation. Perhaps it is because I spent a lot of time in my own youth feeling awkward and embarrassed that I avoid it as much as possible as an adult, haha. Sorry, not sorry, this one is NEVER on my holiday movie rotation.

Nomination Number Two

Groundhog Day

My Reasons for the Nomination

Probably another one many won't agree with, but that damn alarm clock going off to repeat the same day drives me nuts. 🤣 I like both Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell as actors, however this one is not a hit for me. Though I often complain about not having enough time in the day, there are not many days I would want to live over, and over, and over again. As with my first choice, I think it is the discomfort of thinking you're going nuts that is a deterrent for me enjoying what could be a fun movie.

Nomination Number Three

The Fifth Element

My Reasons for the Nomination

So this choice really has more to do with the memories of going to the movie theater to see it than the actual movie. Though when I've caught it later on in life I don't think I really enjoyed the plot line that much anyway and some of the characters are a little cheesy, it is still tainted by that first experience. When I was 15 years old I had my first boyfriend. At that time I was too young to drive, and he actually lived in another county anyway so our first date was a double date with him, my best friend and her boyfriend at the time. I believe her aunt came and picked us up to take us to the local movie theater to drop us off there together. I'm sure I still have a photo of us somewhere, taken in my family's foyer before leaving since my mom wanted to mark the occasion. Thanks for that, mom.

The boy was nice enough, but I honestly didn't really know him that well as we had met over the summer at the lake when I used to go with my best friend and her family. As that was also my very first actual date, I was super nervous. I can't remember who picked the movie, but being PG-13 it was one we could get in without having my friend's aunt have to buy us tickets. I think the hand holding commenced quite quickly after sitting down, and sometime into the movie the moment I was somewhat dreading came about. He leaned in...and totally slobbered all over my face. First kiss experience and I needed a towel to dry off afterwards. Not that I am saying I had any clue what I was doing, but he sure didn't either. Oh boy, what a mess--in more ways than one!

Needless to say, that first relationship only made it about a month. The cross-county dating in high school probably wouldn't have worked anyway, but I suppose we all have those trial runs when we're young to figure out what works and what definitely does not. Sorry Bruce Willis, your flick will forever make me shake my head thinking about that dreadful experience in the tiny little local movie theater. I can definitely laugh about it now and thank goodness have had plenty more favourable movie theater moments since then. @dksart and I have watched plenty of duds together, but thank goodness he's much better company. 😉

top3 divider 2 logo.jpg

So basically my nightmare that makes me want to shoot my eye out is reliving the same first kiss moment again and again, haha! Perhaps these aren't anywhere close to the worst movies ever, but I can assure you they take the cake for me. Thanks for joining me in my movie memories, though I hope I didn't make you cringe too much with me.

Feel free to join us with your own worst! Perhaps you'll make me feel better about that awful first kiss...

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I grew up Indiana, where Christmas Story was filmed. We are forced to watch it at least once a year by our parents.

Sounds terrible. 😂😂😂

All great movies I hope your week is going well

Thanks! Soggy here all week again, but muddling through. How's your first week of freedom?? ;)

Most welcome and so far so good, getting out for walks and the weather is quite nice so all good and keeping myself busy :)

Ok, ok, you are being fair. I mean I can agree on the first 2, Groundhog day did bore me to death.

But the 5th Element? It's such a classic!!! C'mon, don't let a bad date ruin such a movie. Like Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman were such great actors, I mean they did make better movies but this was good. I'm not really saying much to defend it's title of being a good movie am I? LOL You didn't give me much to debate with 😂

Haha, can't argue with that experience. It could have been the best movie ever and it would still be on my worst list. 🤣 As always, couldn't help bringing in some of the personal with the explanations. Hoping more people jump on soon to join in the fun!

I hope so too, I think with us resteeming gets people to see that there still are things going on despite. I really like this topic for the reason that I'm just so ready to debate and have fun with it. I have no clue why I am so eager to debate, I guess I'm weird like that lol, but it does add fun to it :P

Oh, my word! That first date story? Reminded me of mine. Hahahaha! Except, for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the film. Perhaps if I google movies from 1980, I might re-discover it. I confess to having seen none of those although the Fifth Element rings a distant bell. This topic really has me with my thinking cap on. It's not really working... Ahem...

PS. I love the "u" :P

You just need coffee/tea and a bit of wine :P

I can go with that!

We all have "one of those" stories, don't we? Or perhaps more, so I guess I'm lucky there weren't multiple. 😜 So funny how certain memories you can recall so vividly regardless of how much time passes. Luckily I have plenty of the good ones along with the embarrassing or uncomfortable ones. I forgot to add after we "broke up" (if you can call it that at 15 after a single month or so of dating), he told some mutual friends I was a bad kisser. Didn't hinder me from trying again, haha.

I think the "u" might just be sticking. I've gotten used to making sure I'm consistent if I'm playing the role of "Q" in writing any of our posts, so it carries over otherwise.

Hahahaha! Now you're making me think about all my early/worst dates/boyfriend-ish experiences.... Oh, and once a "friend" signed me up for a then equivalent of a dating site. She was a Jewish match-maker. Three of those experiences have never left me. After the third: I stopped.... Actually, I should probably write about those. I tell these stories after a glass of wine and people literally ROFL.....

Oh do tell...🍷😂

Hmm.... let's see how the time goes over the weekend. Otherwise, I'll add it to my ever-growing list.

Lol. Love you first kiss story. It's a shame that it has spoiled your chance at enjoying a decent movie. In fact, my brother would be doing his but that this came up. Haha. It's a little cheesy for sure but I think it's supposed to be a bit of a comedy as well. Don't quote me on that though.

Groundhog Day! Katie, really. I love this movie. Anything with the legend BM gets a thumbs up from me. Even Lost in Translation!

Ok campers, rise and shine and don't forget your booties cause IT'S COLD OUT THERE! 😁

Nice job.


Haha, yes, I know I would be in the minority with Groundhog Day! Bill Murray is a legend, but that one just grates on my nerves. Though I suppose maybe I hit on my "most annoying" more than the least favourite or worst movies in general. 😂

Its nice to see someone else not enjoying A Christmas Story. For some reason it seems as most people like this movie but I have no clue why. ... ... Its not that good.

How dare you? The 5th element wasn't too bad, it just came out in a time when Sci-fi wasn't that great and Titanic and Goodwill Hunting killed it that year. Also Chris Tucker was on his annoying best in the movie but still I wouldn't say it was the worst i've ever seen.

As for the others, you can bin those with pleasure

Very true. It really wasn't THAT bad of a movie, but it always conjures up bad memories so I couldn't not include it. Though I am sure there are plenty more truly terrible ones. As you mentioned in your post, it's tough to find true gems in the current selections coming out. That's why I still prefer reading if given a choice. ;)

Lol well I can’t blame you for the disaster date memories! totally I prefer to read too or just hit up an audio book when I’m working out or something! I want to be entertained by the story for at least 70% of it, the acting and the visuals are only complimentary

I think we forget that, it’s now all flash in the pan stuff all style and no substance

Don't recognize any of the movies you mentioned so will not pass comment, the boyfriend first date sounded epic, would make an excellent movie Drizzling Sloppy Kisses, A Dramatic Wet Effect, oh anything to laugh about makes one feel a lot better.

Thanks for lifting the mood!

Happy to share a laugh! I think everyone can relate to some of those awkward moments in our youth, whether on the romantic side or otherwise. Perhaps we've started a trend and will continue with some more of the worsts--worst date experiences?? 😂

The truth is that the fifth element and the day of the groundhog, are pesimaaaas!! the other I have not seen, must be so bad that I never called attention hahaha. Good choices!

Haha, glad we are in agreement! Will we see your picks for this month soon, too?

Good god that sounds like a horrendous first date - earth, wind, fire, water and a sloppy wet kiss as the 5th element?!

Those other films sound wholeheartedly unappealing judging from them making this list and so, I will not be watching those either haha!

Haha, right? Thank goodness I rallied back to try again after that one. So really, it is not the movie's fault it was such a flop in my book. ;)

It really is kind of funny to see what others find annoying or unwatchable. Looking forward to seeing what you've selected for yours!

I've just unleashed my post in to the wild 😁

The truth is that the fifth element and the day of the groundhog, are pesimaaaas!! the other I have not seen, must be so bad that I never called attention hahaha. Good choices!

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