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RE: The @yourtop3 January Contest - My Three Favourite Authors

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Hello, I am very similar to you. That is, I have gone through several stages of preference since I started reading and I practically read everything.
It seems totally logical to me that Tolkien is a very appreciated author for you (and me) if one has read science fiction and finds the Lord of the rings, it is like finding Master Yedi.

On the other hand, Dumas is a classic of social novels. His conception of Freedom and the equality of men are reflected in several of his novels. It also moves with several themes that today can be considered archetypes of literature.

lol up there I accompany you. Although I respect Dan Brown's literature I would not be in my preference of a Top3.

It has been a real pleasure to read you because I love people who read, criticize, analyze and argue and you are definitely one of those people.

Girls, football, work, etc., will always be part of your life as well as the valuable authors you mentioned. A big hello @cheese4ead


Thanks for your nice comments @marcybetancourt

Tolkien and Dumas are literary geniuses, aren't they. I know Brown is not up to that standard and The Da Vinci Code isn't one of the classics but I found it so exhilarating and intense.

I like the way you wrote the reply. If you would like to enter there is still time, just. I would love to see you write your own post and would be interested to see your choices.

Thanks for checking out my post.