My Top 3 Contest - The three worst movies I've ever seen

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Greetings dear readers, in this opportunity I share with you my entry for the challenge: #Top3contest

This time the dynamic is different, it's up to us to talk about which films have been a complete waste of time. Based on a criterion of taste, we have to make up a top three of the films that have seemed very bad to us

This months topic is: LEAST Favourite Movies

Let's get started!

LEAST Favourite Movies

My nominations are:

Reasons for the Nomination

This is a black comedy film in its entirety, although I am a lover of humor and humorous films, this one in particular did not cause me much grace, although I must say that I did laugh a lot when I first saw it. This film deals with the parody of several successful films in a rather crude way, in my opinion the parodies are very badly structured making the film boring and not very entertaining.

N° 1 - A crazy epic film

Reasons for the Nomination

I am a dinosaur lover and the Jurassic era, therefore this film seemed to me a total waste in its film context, the film is about a giant reptile of monumental size which grows and develops in a hidden way somewhere in the world, the most curious or funny thing is that this animal with the proportions that it had according to the plot of the film no nation ever noticed the existence of this huge reptile. I thought it was a not very successful adaptation although it was an unquestionable success, the truth is that I didn't like it at all.

N° 2 - Godzilla

Reasons for the Nomination

Although they try to give a scientific context to the film, the plot is lost in the exaggeration and drama of some scenes. The film emphasizes that after a telluric movement under the oceans a nest of mutant super piranhas are released naturally to the coast, after this natural event, these huge, aggressive and ferocious creatures cause killings in a small town dedicated to tourism and fishing, the film did not like much because they exaggerate many things to attract the attention of the viewer, not knowing that what they did was to ruin the production of that film.

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While I think its unfair to pick a spoof movie because they notoriously cringe I and for dumbasses. I have to give it to you Godzilla and Pirana were horrid, ah as if the previous ones were so great, that they needed to do a shit reboot

If many really expected them to be masterpieces and they ended up being a big disaster. . .

I was tempted to put Godzilla into my options, it was so bad that I never finished watching it, and when I'm watching the TV channels and I see that they're showing it without even looking at it, it's definitely bad, the crazy epic movie is an offense to comedy movies, and the last one must be really bad, because the name says it all!

I knew you didn't like Godzilla either, thanks for motivating me to participate! It's been a long time since anyone commented on my XD posts. This motivates me a lot!


Great to see you back entering again @manuelramos

The Godzilla movies never seem to quite hit the mark for me either. I think the overblown overdone special effects put me off. The Godzilla legend is such a great story as well. Someone needs to do it and get it right for once. I used to love the Godzilla and Godzuki cartoon, back in the 80s.

Good luck with the contest.


I agree with you, the Godzilla comics were much better, they drew much more attention, but not to mention the very bad film, I think it was a bad post-production effort. . . . Not to mention the movie Piranha 3D movies what's missing is that piranhas talk and read minds ha ha ha.

Nice to see you join the contest again! These all are some bad movies, so great choices for the topic this month. I enjoy comedies, but the Epic Movie was a pretty bad spoof in many ways. I didn't really like that adaptation of Godzilla either, so definitely agree on that choice! The last one seems a bit over the top, too. Good luck this month! :)

Hello, @plantstoplanks friend! Greetings! if my friend @fmbs25 motivated me to participate again, I see that we share the same appreciation! Thanks for welcoming me again!

I used to like Godzilla as a kid, I thought it was well played and was different from other movies. Then I watched it again a few years ago and I didn't feel the same way about it, I realized a lot more cheesy moments in the movie. I'll just stick with the memories I have of it when I was a kid lol. Things seem a lot better when we are kids a lot of the times.

I agree with you when you say that things seem better when we are children, it is because I believe that when we are children we are concerned with enjoying ourselves and not with establishing value judgments .

That makes sense. As children we already build a fantasy world. I used to like The Never Ending Story, but today, just the song itself annoys the crap out of me. Times change lol.

Welcome back to the contest @manuelramos! Good call on Godzilla, that really was a bad one and they didn't grasp the legend of Godzilla from the early days!

Piranhas sounds like an abomination! There's one thing I dislike about films like that is that they try to keep the "science" despite it being so far away from what is actually possible... makes me mad! Haha!

Good luck with the contest this month!

Greetings friend! That's right! I really think we've been waiting a long time for some production company to make a decent film about Godzilla but well... Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog!

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