My FIRST 2020 nominations for @yourtop3 contest - FAVOURITE AUTHORS

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This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Favourite Authors

My Nominations are:

(1) Sidney Sheldon


My Reasons for the Nomination

Sidney Sheldon's books were the first few novels in which I read during my teenage years. As I recall vaguely, it was Windmills of the Gods and then after If Tomorrow Comes. I think because of him, I fell in love in reading; always sticking my nose in a book; day or night. I would even have a book next to my pillow. One of my favourites is The Doomsday Conspiracy and A Stranger in the Mirror.

Sidney's novels are mainly suspense and some what dark which is very mysterious for a teenager like me back then. At least, it's novels that my parents would allow me to read. Those days, books were expensive to own, so it's going to the library to borrow or bookstores that allow cheap rental for a week.

I did however buy several of Sidney's books; those that I really like. Yet several of these paperbag books have gotten rotten over the years even though I have carefully wrapped them up. I strongly believe that my English comprehension, composition and grammar was tutored by Sidney Sheldon :)

I recall reading

  • The Other Side of Midnight
  • The Naked Face
  • Bloodline
  • Rage of Angels
  • The Sands of Time
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?

(2) Barbara Taylor Bradford


My Reasons for the Nomination

Another favourite writer of mine; the entire Emma Harte family saga from Emma Hart right till her granddaughter, Paula and more. Once I started reading the first book, the next was easy to pick up and I read the entire series. Maybe it's just me, but I've always liked all these family drama series especially when it involves the head strong female climbing up the commercial ladder. Barbara had certainly tied me from start to end; and I became fascinated with the entire career women ideology - then again, during my growing up, it was accepted for women to hold the fort; be it at work or at home.

After finishing the Emma Harte saga, I moved on to The Ravenscar Trilogy but I never got around to finishing the first book. There were three books to this series. Not that it wasn't good; just that I didn't have the time to read as before.

The Emma Harte Saga

  • A Woman of Substance
  • Hold the Dream
  • To Be the Best
  • Emma's Secret
  • Unexpected Blessings

The Ravenscar Trilogy

  • The Ravenscar Dynasty (2006)
  • Heirs of Ravenscar (2007) (published as The Heir in U.S.)
  • Being Elizabeth (2008)

Nomination Number Three

Sophie Kinsella


My Reasons for the Nomination

Sophie Kinsella's series of Confessions of a Shopaholic got me hooked up immediately. Even before the movie came out, I was already at Shopaholic & Baby. Perhaps in some way, because I too am some form of a Shopaholic that's why I'm able to relate to this story line. And Boy! Sophie Kinsella did a perfect job. I bought every single book of this series and couldn't stop reading. And who doesn't love a reality love story fairytale like this. This is also a nice easy reading for young readers if you needed it.

The Shopaholic series

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic
  • Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
  • Shopaholic Ties The Knot
  • Shopaholic on Honeymoon
  • Shopaholic & Sister
  • Shopaholic & Baby
  • Mini Shopaholic
  • Shopaholic to the Stars
  • Shopaholic to the Rescue
  • Christmas Shopaholic

Standalone novels

  • Can You Keep a Secret?
  • The Undomestic Goddess
  • Remember Me?

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Hi. I love Sidney Sheldon. My first book of his was The Other Side of Midnight. I just love that book, and his it sitting on my shelf as I write this. He is one of my top 3 authors.

I didn't know about this contest? Who administers it? I'd like to enter if I had the link to see the requirements.

Thanks for your post. Have a great day.

We would love for you to join us! Still two more days left to enter, so plenty of time. Here's the information post:

Myself, @nickyhavey, @cheese4ead and @foxyspirit run the monthly fun. :)

Thanks for the welcome. Will work on my post today.

Awesome! Can't wait to see it!

You should join this contest. It's really fun especially when the topic is something that is really close to heart.
Sidney was with me when I grew up and that's how my love for reading started.
So glad we have this same common

I love Sidney Sheldon too and also got hooked in my teens and read all.... well I thought I did until I saw your picture.... almost all of them
My favourite is Master of the Game and The Other Side of Midnight

All the best with the challenge ;D

Thanks so much..
I think everyone around our age group has somehow at least read one of Sidney Sheldon's books.
He's really an inspiration to all of us

Hey @kaerpediem

If you like the look of our contest then why not enter as well! You have a few hours until the deadline (literally, the end of the day tomorrow - 9th January) and there are steem prizes to be won. Here is the main post

It sounds like you already have one author lined up, all you need is another two ;)

We even supply a post template to make it easier to enter. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

We hope to see your entry.

The Top3 Panel

Awesome stuff @ireenchew! Thanks a lot for entering and what a great presentation of your choices, what it's all about!

It's been great to see how these authors have influenced you throughout your life in different ways and drawing inspiration from them.

Good luck for the contest! 😀 🙏

Thanks so much @nickyhavey
It wasn't hard to share these authors.. one look at my bookshelf and I knew which it was.. ha ha
There are other authors but these 3 are my most favs...

Haha then you're one of the lucky ones where the post wrote itself 😁

Looking forward to seeing how these nominations get voted for in the dpoll, we'll have more information about that in the next few days

OMW @ireenchew - I had forgotten about Sheldon and Bradford. Read both - a lot - at school. Kinsella's work, I'm not familiar with. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Good luck with the contest!

Ooo.. U must read Sophie Kinsella. Her books are super funny well. at least to me
I started with the Shopaholic since it reflects very much like me
And once I started, I couldn't stop reading the next and next and next

Good luck in this months contest.


Thanks so much :)

Nice ones! It's always neat to see so many different choices, as I don't think any of these had been picked yet. I keep adding more and more to my reading list this month! So much fun! Good luck in the dpolls. :)

Thanks so much @plantstoplanks
I saw the other entries were very good authors too .. a bit too intelligent for me.. ha ha
Nowadays, I prefer more fun books.. life is already so taxing, but in these fun, fantasy books, I can let my imagination run wild

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Hey Ireen! Just swinging by with the official account here to confirm we've logged your entries now! Good luck with the contest and thanks so much for entering!


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Thanks for entering the contest and sorry for a late reply.

I do miss my teenage years when I had more time to read. Funny how things work, work takes more of our time and we have less time to enjoy our lives. Why are people ok with that? LOL just thoughts running through my mind.

Thank you for your participation in the contest. Much appreciated :)

My pleasure indeed :)
Plus it's one of my favourite topics to be able to share this post