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Now this is a good one. I am really looking forward to the banter that can come of this. What I might think is a bad movie could be a good one for you, so I am rubbing my hands together in anticipation of what you might all say about my list, and I have a few movies that I completely despise. Oh, don't worry, there will definitely be some honorary mentions, I'll try to hold back though, since the list can be quite long.

First off, I think I will mention those that didn't make the list. Get you all riled up and excited to want to reply, just try to convince me how these are not bad movies. Here is a quick list:

  1. Elf. Ya it sucks! To the point where I think it is utterly stupid and might as well just turn the tv off and play a boring game with myself and my imaginary friend. There, I said it, I absolutely despise this movie. It did not make the top 3 list because this is something I have mentioned before in this top 3 contest and it is not christmas time, but it's still one to hate. And actually any movie that Will Ferrell has made. I wont get into what I don't like about him. Things could get messy.

  2. Snakes On A Plane... enough said.

  3. Lesbian Vampire Killers. Let's just say that I had TV troubles and it was the only thing that was working and the Vampire in the title caught my curiosity. Complete-Waste-Of-Time-Money-And-Effort! Shame on those who even wanted to act in that movie.

  4. Speed. Any of the speed movies. I actually don't know how many there are but I know of 2 and they are meh. The first one has most of the movie filmed on a bus. Who would think, oh hey! Let's make an entire movie on a public bus. And to make it good, we will put good actors and...and.. and... hm... oh a bomb! Then we can totally put it under the action category. And then the other one on a cruise ship. How on earth could they even make a 2nd movie?

Ok I need to restrain. I know my list is actually not that bad and doesn't have a cause of argument here, but let's just get to my top 3 choices.



Going by #1 being the worst, it would have to be Avatar: The Last Airbender The Movie. I have mentioned this one in a previous contest as well about childhood cartoons. It is one that I hold in my heart, for the many of life's elements are in this cartoon. It is spiritual, it contains life lessons for both children and adults, it shows caring and compassion, and even shows how one can turn from hatred and anger. Like it has a lot in there. Amazing cartoon that takes place in the mid 1800's during a time of war for all nations. So they made a movie of this.

Why is the movie so horrible?

OMG! They destroyed it! Burn all copies of the movie ad send the ashes to space. Here are the many reasons. The characters were all wrong. First off, Sokka. In the movie they couldn't even pronounce his name right, they kept So (as in so what) -kah instead of it being sock-kah. The next thing is Sockha... I mean Sokka, he is a funny guy making a lot of puns and jokes and is always hungry. In the movie he was always dead serious. Nothing else to him.


Uncle Iroh is one of the most wisdom filled beings. We all wished we had an uncle Iroh. He's funny, loves tea, finds beauty in everything that is life. Seriously I could make an entire post just about this one character. In the movie they just slaughtered his character. Not funny, too serious and... and... skinny. Here, have a look.



He doesn't even have a long beard! And yet another name they mispronounced... Erroh insead of Eyeroh. Blah

So many things they did that butchered the movie. They changed scenes, fire came from a source rather than internal energy (chi) etc. It is maddening when something you like so much gets ruined.


Twilight. Are you kidding me? Sparkling vampires? In the sun where they don't burn???/ How on earth.... they are suppose to be dead bodies. Have you ever seen a dead body sparkle in the sun? No, they rot. Burning to a crisp makes more sense. And they dont' even have the pointy teeth! And... ugh.. "oh Edward. oooooh Edward, I love you, love me Eddie" "No I can't do this to you my princess, it's so ugly to be eternally sparkly. I will blind you as I step into the inferno sun, not even sunglasses can protect you." and then "Oh my little wolfy. You're so hot, not a hair covers your body, no one could tell you're a wolf and runs like the wind. You are so territorial, take me..." Um what's his name? "Make me yours wolfy- oh wait sparkles is back, I don't know what to do with myself. Should I go with the blinding, oh so helpless, depressed, sorry excuse for a vampire? Or should I go with the furry happy, strong and confident thing that actually makes more sense? Oh I'm too girly, I need my sparkles! Oh cover me in glitter Eddie!"





What, in the actual f@$%, is that? It's a bird! No, it's a plane! NO! ITS A TORNADO WITH SHARKS! And they can survive out of water. I could not watch this movie. I tried... I don't even know why I tried. Maybe it's because I wanted to see how this could make sense. It doesn't. It's ridiculous and another waste of time and money. But wait, they made 5 or 6 of them! Do people actually like these movies? Do people actually watch things that have an idiotic name to it? I can't tell if it's better or worse than Snakes On A Plane! You know, instead of burning all the copies and sending them to space, we should just fire the makers and actors of these movies and give them jobs at laundromats and Burger Kings. Two places I don't go to.

Oh wait! Look!


They've already reached space in the 3rd movie. We're all doomed!

And that's all. Not really much to argue since all these movies are quite awful. But hey, if you would like to join this really fun contest, here is the contest link with all the information you need to join. It is super easy. And it can take your mind off of all that negativity thats going on on the blockchain. Actually, talking about your top 3 hated movies can actually make you feel good. Talk about them in such horrible ways to let out all that crap thats inside you from all the fighting that's going on. Scream as loud as you want even. We might even join in 😉

I am a panel member of this contest along with @plantstoplanks, @nickyhavey and @cheese4ead. Our "entry" posts are not valid in the contests. We do this to encourage, inspire and gain some extra steem/sbd to put into the prize pool for you to win. Take a chance! Roll the dice!"


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Oh my gosh I'm crying laughing at your Twilight synopsis! So hilarious, and quite spot on. You know I am totally against #teamsparkles. Any respectable vampire would self immolate in shame after seeing those movies. Sharknado is another WTF one. I don't know how they've made so many except for that they must be ridiculously cheap to make. It definitely is a toss-up if they're worse than Snakes on a Plane, though. I hate snakes. Also hate when movies ruin beloved characters like your first choice. I think that's why I really like the Swedish film version of the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series. Lisbeth was brilliantly cast and it was one of the few movies where I felt like they captured the character from the books. Glad to see a fun post today in all the Steem madness! Still thinking of my final choice to share...

I'm glad I got you laughing! It actually felt good to write it lol.

I like snakes actually, such gently creatures, well some of them lol. But way off course with the whole plane thing. The movie was more of a tragedy than what actually happened on the plane lol.

I can't wait to see your post, it will also be a fresh read from all the crap happening. And I am willing to actually have some funny debates on movies with people that agree/disagree on movies. C'mon people! Start posting :P

Happy to know you enjoyed my post, thank you ^_^

Oh, this did make me laugh! You are so right about the balance between reality and being so far-fetched as to be completely ridiculous. Not to mention the messing with genres... I am so not a movie buff that worst translates into "unforgettable", so I'm having great difficulty with this....

We shall see....

I'm happy you got a laugh out of it too! That makes my day :D

I wasn't sure about my list either, not remembering anything, but then I just googled bad movies, worse movies, stupid movies and what showed up reminded me of the ones I hated so bad lol. Avatar only showed up once but man oh man when I saw it there, everything just boiled up inside me of how bad it was. Perhaps that could be helpful to you as well?

Yes, consulting GoG had occurred to me. So yes, I might well follow your lead... :D

Lol they surely white washed the entire cast of air bender I was like you can’t get a monk looking dude to act? Seriously? Lol but that was the least of its problems ag! It’s so painful to see such a good concept wasted

As for sharknado a friend and I have a pact to always watch them as they come out and do it high and just laugh our way through it!

Definitely painful to watch. I wont show my son that movie, his favorite character is Sokka and he even has the wolfs tail hair cut like Sokka :P

I don't think there could be any other way to watch that movie and "enjoy" it.

Great choices, I have no clue how sharknado and twilight became so popular .... they both suck .... one has crappy CGI and the other sissy little girl vampires .... Vampires are suppose to be bad ass.

Awesome choices!

Thanks! And I agree with you there, vamps are totally suppose to be bad asses. We're suppose to fear the supreme beings!

Hey woah, why are Lesbian Vampire Killers and Speed on the "near misses" list here? 🧐

Haha, yea Twilight was literally full of crap and the way everyone went on about made me hate it even more... and I never watched it... probably won't after this synopsis!

Snarknado sounds utterly ridiculous... I might like it 🤣

If there could be a top 5, it would be on that list. No doubt about it.

I am so happy that you never watched it. It would be like if you would just dip yourself in glue, roll in glitter and call yourself a vampire and be sad about it. LOL I would be sad too if I was dipped in sparkles. You can never get rid of that shit.

Dude if you watch it and like it, I'm throwing you in that tornado XD

Yea but "cock sword"! Come on! 🤣

Glitter... more like sh_tter. Twilight... more like Twishi_e... Any more? haha


....and "cocksword" 🤐

err... and that isn't funny how..? :P

Oh I'm not saying anything. nu uh

Nor am I...