Your Top 3 Monthly Contest November 2020 - Favorite Ice Cream Flavors!

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This months topic is Top 3 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

I am not really a desserts eater, I do enjoy eating sweets like ice cream it is just not something I ever crave. But, if someone offers me some ice cream I will definitely not turn it down. So here are my 3 favorite flavors :)

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

Coffee Flavor Ice Cream

My Reasons for the Nomination

I am not sure why this is my favorite flavor because I never drink coffee, I just don't like coffee at all I am a tea drinker, regardless, coffee is the most consumed drink on earth, at an estimated 2.25 billion cups per day! So even though I don't drink it, I think coffee ice cream is just delicious, maybe because it is not overly sweet is the reason I enjoy it so much. It is so good it even has it's own holiday, September 6th is National Coffee Ice Cream Day, so next September make sure you try a few scoops. I do not eat ice cream often but when I do this is always my first choice of dessert I indulge in.

Nomination Number Two

Mango Flavor Ice Cream

My Reasons for the Nomination

Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits, so I also like mango ice cream :)

Nomination Number Three

Vanilla Flavor Ice Cream


My Reasons for the Nomination

This is just a simple flavor of ice cream that I also enjoy, as long as it is not too sweet :)

Hope you like my selections! :)

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You got me with

I am not really a desserts eater

Interesting that coffee was also on my list - sort of. Excellent choices, although I guess the mango would technically be a sorbet? Speaking of which, I have made a delicioius apricot sorbet - I couldn't find a picture as proof. I also really enjoy a lemon sorbet....

I'll butt out now... 😝

Hey, it’s Q here - the mascot of the Your Top 3 Contest - just swinging by to say thanks for these awesome suggestions for our contest this month!

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I'm with you on the coffee, for some reason, like it more as an ice cream than actual hot drink haha!

With the mango, I'm not sure if mango ice cream counts as eating one of your fruit per day, would be cool if it did, then you can kill two birds with one stone!

Vanilla is a classic flavour, think a lot of people have gone for that this time around!

Good luck with the contest this month!

I’ve never actually had mango ice cream I need to give it a try because I do love a good mango

Of course there had to be coffee. Though I'm not sure if I would have pegged the mango choice. I can definitely get behind that one, though. ;)